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Short Film

Rolling Dead Token Black # 1 Cork Productions
Corey Provitch Show (Sketch) Seandre Humber College
Etumbay's First World Tour Etumbay Humber College
Africa VS The Carribbean Mother Africa WTCS Productions
Physical Comedy/Movement Christel Bartelse Humber College


Shore Ap Mobile App Review Boy 3 Is A Crowd Productions


New Faces Of 2012 Industry Showcase Stand up/ Various Characters Humber College
Humber Archival Show Various Roles Humber College
At The Gates Nurse Humber College
Romeo & Reality Nurse Humber College
Switching Places Doctor Rashid WTCS Productions
Runt Killer Matthew WTCS PRODUCTIONS
Feifer's People Various Characters WTCS Productions
Feifer's People Various Characters WTCS Productions


Comedy: Writing and Performance Diploma N/A Humber College
Acting Lewis Baumander Humber College
Acting Shawn Campbell Humber College
Acting Deborah Renyolds WTCS
Acting Georgia Pavlatos WTCS
Singing Art Nefsky Showoff Studios
Singing Hedi Mak Ontario Conservatory Of Music
Singing Daniel Rosenoer Ontario Consevatory Of Music
Improv Allan Guttman Humber College
Improv Lisa Mercer Second City
Improv Robin Duke Humber College
Improv Melody Johnson Humber College

Special Skills

Singing, Voice Acting, Swimming, Stand Up. Slap Stcik, Writing, Hip Hop Dancing, Rapping, Clowning




Trinidadian, British, Nigerian.