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Actors with good balance wanted! $25 for one hour.

This is for a demo video for my tiny bike. I think the average person can learn to ride it in 30 plus minutes. People with better balance, like people who can skateboard, can ride it instantly. I am preferring instant riders.

Male or female, 18 to about 25.

If interested, let me know and I can send you a link to an early video of it in action. I cannot post a public link to it, because it is not patented yet.

The purpose of this is to get an investor..... maybe one of "the Sharks" or "the Dragons" If I get an investor, you will get a free tiny bike worth $200 to $300. It is very cool, for sure.

Please tell others. If you know any parents with kids about 11 to 15, please tell THE PARENTS and have the PARENTS email me. Thanks!

PS: The shoot will be at a parking lot in Kitsilano.

Project Type:  TV Status:  Non-Union Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Male Female Age:  all ages Role:  Actor City:  Metro Vancouver

Reply here with headshot and full body shot and a bit about yourself, like if you are fairly athletic and so on.

I know this is not much money, but it will be fun, and some on camera experience if you don't have much. Also,
it is a way to network for upcoming projects which require real acting.

In Vancouver, no travel paid. It will be on a weekend, at a parking lot which is vacant on weekends. Date not set yet, so disregard any casting date here. Also, the ages wanted are about 18 to about 25, so also disregard the age range checked in the box.

Project Details

Company:  self
Deadline: EXPIRED (317 days ago)

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