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Alice in New York (play through Zoom)

You’ve probably heard the classic story of Alice in Wonderland, but have you heard the story of Alice in the 21st century?? The story follows blossoming-adult Alice who dreams of being a Broadway star. She leaves behind her family in the countryside to head to New York City to chase her dreams of being an actress. As Alice leaves her old life behind she will encounter new friends..and foes. She is determined to succeed, even if others say “off with her head.” Will Alice learn to follow her heart?

**This play will be a fundraiser and will take place through zoom! The final cast list will get a dates for practice and the date of the final recording.
Please read the Casting List below:

*- Will not be cast a certain gender

Alice Bardot -- Alice came from an all doctor family, and she was expected to become one too. But, Alice always felt sort-of out of place in her family. Rather than spending all of her time studying, she was often found daydreaming about different outcomes of life or picking flowers in the field. She is an extremely curious girl which can often get her into trouble..! Her life-long dream was to be a star on Broadway and she is determined to reach that.

*Charles the Cat -- Charles the Cat acts as the narrator of the story, Alice just doesn’t know that. To her, he seems like a simple housepet, but he is really a very wise soul. He always looks out for Alice and her best interests. This cat is overall kind-hearted, but sometimes can be a bit cheeky and mischievous when story-telling.

Ruby Red -- Ruby Red is SASSY and when I mean sassy I mean it. She is Alice’s biggest competitor in the show biz. She is known as a bit of a “drama queen” when it comes to acting. If you want her for the gig you gotta be prepared. Everytime Ruby walks into the building she acts like she owns the place (she even wears around a crown!). So if you wanna get to the top you gotta talk to Ruby Red about it first.

*Caleb -- Caleb is a jazzy fellow who loves poetry and the color green. He got his nickname “The Caterpillar” due to his love of the mellow color. Caleb is one of Alice’s advisors and is always up to give some good advice. When you’re in doubt call The Caterpillar...err I mean Caleb.

*Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum -- Tweedle Dee and Dum are THE MOST popular twins in all of NYC maybe perhaps all the world!! (At least that is what they think…) They are big fans of Hip Hop and are always trying to attract fans. If you are walking the streets of NY you better watch out for these two or you just might just go crazy! Once they start talking..there's no stopping them!

*The Hatter -- The Hatter has always been hard to understand..some say it's because he’s a rapper and likes to rhyme..others say it's from all the sugar from his tea. He is a famous rapper throughout the world, also a famous tea-maker. Rumor has it that he can’t go on the stage until he has at least

*Ron-- Ron is always on the run..he is always on your back as well!! He always says “time is of the utmost importance.” He is one of Alice’s supporters you could say..always on her back making sure she is NEVER late. He is a bit of a control freak, so you might wanna keep your distance!!


*The Cards -- The Cards are Ruby Red’s biggest supporters..some say they are bribed with money..some say they just love the Drama when Ruby’s around..its never a dull moment with them that is for sure!!

*The Groovy Gang-- The Groovy Gang follow Caleb around everywhere he goes. They like to give advice to Alice throughout the show and their main goal is to keep the vibe alive!

Project Type:  Theatre Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $0.00/day Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Male Female Age:  11 - 15 Role:  Actor City:  Online

Please send the following to my email [email protected]

1. A headshot of yourself

2. A short 1-2 minute video of your interpretation of one of characters shown on the casting list

3. Your resume (if you have one, not required)

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Company:  LillyK.Writes
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