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Asian Leg Models (Females) Wanted

Looking for Asian women who have calves that are big, muscular, and defined. The reason for the photo-shoot is because I have a website devoted to Asian women with great calves and am always looking for more models. No experience is necessary.

The photo-shoot is about 2-3 hours in length. It is always done in a public location and you will always be paid in cash after the photo-shoot is over.

If you think you have big, muscular, and defined calves, please send pictures of your calves to [email protected]

Please be 18 years of age and older,

Project Type:  Photo Shoot Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $90.00/day Ethnicity:  Asian
Sex:  Female Age:  all ages Role:  Model City:  Calgary

Wear whatever you like to the photo-shoot, just as long as your calves are easily visible.

Project Details

Company:  Asian Muscle Beauties
Deadline: In 2 days

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