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Asian Women with Muscles Needed

I am looking for Asian women that have big and muscular biceps or calves who might be interested in doing a photo-shoot. I have a website and am always looking for more Asian models. No experience is necessary.

If you have great biceps, I am looking for peaks. So when you flex you can see the definition and separation in your arms.

If you have great calves, I am looking for size and definition. When you flex on your toes, you can see the definition.

Though their is no nudity, please be 18 years of age and older if you're interested.

Project Type:  Photo Shoot Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $100.00/day Ethnicity:  Asian
Sex:  Female Age:  all ages Role:  Model City:  Calgary

The photo-shoots are about 2 hours long and are always done is a public setting. Wear whatever you're comfortable in to the photo-shoot. Please make sure that whatever bodypart we're shooting, it's easily visible.

Project Details

Company:  Asian Muscle Beauties
Deadline: EXPIRED (24 days ago)

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