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Asphalt. an Arthouse Comedy - Various Roles

329 days ago

Asphalt. An Arthouse Comedy in Three Acts
Short Film
Shooting between August and September, 2017

Short Description:

A closeted British aristocrat and a genderqueer French Canadian find themselves thrust into three distinct absurdist settings. They encounter and frustrate a delusional hermit in a forest, a demonic realtor conducting an interdimensional open house, and an aphoristic bag lady pining after an enigmatic animal companion.

An absurdist odyssey, Asphalt. follows the rambling journeys of Clive Humblepatter-Tollcross and [NOM ICI] as they attempt to divine meaning from the series of bizarre landscapes they find themselves in. Through their interactions with the locals of these impossible realms, the pair struggle to escape the oppressive confines of wherever-the-hell-they-are only to realise that they themselves are its most eccentric fixtures.

Asphalt. is a non-paying project partly funded by the NFB Filmmaker Assistance Program.

Audition slots will be available:
JUNE 24th
JUNE 25th
JULY 8th
JULY 9th
JULY 11th
JULY 12th

Please send a CV, headshot and reel of previous work if available to [email protected]

See role descriptions under "Casting Instructions". Please indicate the role you wish to audition for in the subject of your email. Thanks!

Project Type: 
all ages
Clive (Principal) Male, age 25 - 45 Open ethnicity Aristocratic and forthright, Clive is as fluent in biting sarcasm as he is in his Oxbridge accent. Evidently the by-product of an over-privileged upbringing and sterling education, he is now reduced to skulking about an absurdist landscape with an inelegant pauper in tow. Clive possesses all the qualities of a great leader of old: selfishness, arrogance, and scorn. He regards his companion for the long journey through metaphysical dimensions as something akin to a minstrel, though without the requisite musical talent. He simply enjoys having a receptacle for the sound of his own voice. A self-fashioned intellectual, he is genuinely curious about his surroundings and highly entertained by the antics of strangers. [NOM ICI] (Principal) Female, age 20 - 30. Open ethnicity. Presenting a non-binary, fluid gender [NOM] still betrays traces of a French-Canadian accent, a remnant from her working class upbringing. With a voracious appetite for pheasant and cookies, her keen wit and lateral thinking skills act as a foil to her companion Clive’s snide sarcasm and lofty pretensions. [NOM] possesses a certain joie-de-vivre and levity that fuels her playful and sincere curiosity. She always seems content exploring her current surroundings, engaging with the inhabitants thereof with a certain down-to-earth geniality. Dirt (Supporting) Male, age 40-50 (open to younger actors if they can pull it off) Open ethnicity Dirt is a crazed hermit who inhabits a bizarre forest-world. Sweet, naïve, but deranged, he lives in abject terror of a mysterious force likely connected to his sordid past. He often attempts to disguise himself as various fixtures of his surrounding forestscape to escape whatever it is he believes is chasing him, most notably dirt (hence his name). Respondents should be physically vigorous and willing to get down and dirty, literally and figuratively. Lucy (Supporting) Female, age 30 - 50. Open ethnicity. Strong willed and quick on her feet, Lucy is an infernal realtor with a saccharine smile who rules her meta-physical domain with an iron fist. Lucy lures unsuspecting visitors into an eternity of servitude as vacant-eyed Looky-Loo’s in her interdimensional open house. Her fiery passion and unwavering commitment to order and cleanliness make her a formidable foe when the stability of her personal universe is put at risk by the bumbling interference of two unsuspecting interlopers. June (Supporting) Female, age 25-55 Open ethnicity June is a humble and caring bag lady, living on the streets of a dimension of endless labyrinthine alleyways. She cares very much for her animal companion, the enigmatic Belinda, and spends much of her time building nests and preparing for Belinda’s visits. June speaks solely in bewildering aphorisms, delivered in the manner of age-old idioms. Regardless, she is affable and friendly to passers-by, if a bit unapproachably eccentric.

Project Details

Name / Company: 
Death Cookie Soup Films

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