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Audition for Kpop Girl Group in Chicago

Submitted by Guest (not verified) on Mon, 07/20/2020 - 15:39

The group is inspired by j pop, anime, manga, k pop. I am looking for females who are 15-17 and able to make the trip to Chicago. This is a project in Chicago, done by a senior in high school. The audition is for rapping, dancing, and singing.

Project Type:  Internet Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $0.00/ day Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Female Age:  16 - 20 Role:  Musician City:  Chicago

The first audition should include:

Video Clip

If you are chosen, you will receive a link to zoom or google meet, where you can pick a time for your second audition.

Your second audition will be a live online audition and should include:

English Song
Korean Song

After that if your picked you will become a trainee and will need a flexible schedule so you can train. The final group will debut and preform in the Chicago area.

Casting Instructions Button: 

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Project Details

Company:  Re'gine sanders
Deadline: EXPIRED (81 days ago)

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