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The Beauty Of (short film)

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Daniel - 21 - Male

Recent heartbreak has thrown Daniel into a spiral of self pity and suffering. He falls into a routine of coping with a bottle in his hand, a bong beside his bed. Night after night he visits the bar in vain attempt of evading the plights of his new found reality; loneliness worthlessness, brokenness, and regret. Daniel's inability to act righteously disables his growth and impedes meaningful existence.

Taylor - 21 - Female

Daniel's girlfriend. Taylor wants to move on to the next chapter of her life. She needs more than what she's getting in her current situation. She wants more for herself almost as much as she does for Daniel.

Project Type:  Short Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $0.00/ day Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Male Female Age:  21 - 24 Role:  Actor City:  Toronto Ontario Canada

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Project Details

Project Title:  The Beauty Of
Short Synopsis:  The Beauty Of tells a story that we are all too familiar with. Life is never exactly how we think it ought to be. Daniel Sarid is a man on the verge of discovering this for himself. He struggles to find peace after the sudden loss of a longtime love. He goes through days, then months, and eventually years, trying to ignore the pain that he feels. Trying to escape by any means necessary. Night after night he melts into a haze of drinking, smoking, and other mind-numbing acts only creating an internal darkness that he cannot seem to rid himself of.
Company:  Empire House Productions
Deadline: EXPIRED (296 days ago)

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