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The Berg

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Production title: The Berg
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent
Project length: Webseries pilot episode (7 mins)
Project format: 16:9 HD
Posted on: Nov 15, 2017
Production location: Vancouver
Company website:
Director: Brit Kewin
Producer: Nick Kewin
Audition Location: Virtual
Shooting Location: Galiano Island, BC
Email: [email protected]
Compensation: Low

Nov 27, 2017 – Dec 4, 2017
Call Backs: Dec 7-Dec 8, 2017
Shooting Starts: Dec 19, 2017
Shooting Ends: Dec 21, 2017

The Berg is the story of people surviving together in post-apocalyptic Canada. Under the
supernatural influence of the iceberg, long buried secrets are uncovered that, once
brought to life, threaten to tear the small town apart. Townsfolk are different under the
iceberg's trance. They do things they don’t understand. They fall into sorrow, into love,
into feelings they cannot describe. They blame each other for summoning it. Each
episode in the first season focuses on one townsperson in the days following the iceberg’s
arrival as their lives splinter in unforeseen ways.

Character BIOS:
[DANIEL] [GENDER: Male] [AGE: 25-35]
Sandy brown hair, tall, lean. Easy grin, sweet nature, happy jokester.
Daniel is smarter than almost everyone on the island, his home is filled with books that
his mother taught him to read. Not everyone in town is literate. He does random fixing
jobs in the village, handyman for most things, upkeep on the solar panels, etc. He is
integral to the day to day operations of the island for these reasons, and it is for this
reason that he gets away with things no one else would. But also because he has such a
good attitude and people like being around him. He is the only one not affected by The

Dark hair, dark features, lithe, long hair held in a braid down her back. She has never
really felt alive. Has always been a quiet, contained, and undreaming sort of person. Tom
her husband was the first person to tell her he loved her so she just went along with it as it
seemed easier. She keeps the home, which lets her have her days and most nights free of
anyone as she leads a pretty secluded life apart from her husband, child, and her best
friend Daniel. Her parents are deceased. She gets awakened by The Berg.

Tall, whipcord thin, sever woman. Has led a rough life and you can see it on her face. She
is very direct and serious. Alice is married to the Mayor of Givney, Dirk. They got
married after his first wife died in their late 20s. They are truly in love with each other.
Alice is internally angry most of the time though because she has not been able to have a

Dark (or greying hair) with white coming in at the temples, rough face. She is the local
seerer, the person people in town trust to walk in the land of the spirits. She lives alone in
a house beside the ocean, gaining power from being close to the elements. She is
suffering from Founders syndrome. Because of this she was not given leave to marry or
have children by the council, ensuring that her bloodline would not be passed down and
corrupt the island. She is a hard woman.

Project Type: 
all ages

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The Berg Production

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