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Casting for Black Love Feature Film

Casting for the following roles.

CHASE (Lead) -- African-American Male -- 22-30, confident, outgoing, charming, smooth talker, nonchalant, and loves the ladies (playboy).

KARY -- African-American Female -- 22-30, Female being pursued by Chase; focused, smart, athletic, can be unapproachable and hard to get.

BLAKE – African-American Male -- 25-35, Chase’s best friend and devil's advocate—gives Chase advice and keeps his best interest at heart.

JENN -- African-American Female -- 22-30, full figured, voluptuous, thick, funny, charismatic, outgoing, and life of a party. Friends with Kary and is her complete opposite but they match.

LENA – African-American/Hispanic Female -- 22-30, Chase’s female homie, lover, friend with no commitment ties to Chase, but wants a relationship.

AMANDA -- African-American Female -- 22-30, girlfriend of Chase, reserved, resembles the “girl next door.”

TIFFANY/TIFF – African-American Female -- 22-30, Amanda’s sister, outgoing, and free spirit.

Guy 1 (Kary’s Date 1) -- Caucasian Male -- 22-30, well-groomed and business type, arrogant.

Guy 2 (Kary’s Date 2) – African-American Male – 22-30, blue collar, hardworking, construction worker or ups type.

Guy 3 (Kary’s Date 3) -- African-American Male -- 22-30, flamboyant, dramatic, artistic.

POPS – African-American Male (40 – 50), Chase’s Father – Funny, flamboyant, outgoing. Chase’s hero, best friend, and voice of reason. Similar to father figure from the movie “Friday.

MR. JOHNSON – African-American Male (40 -50) tall in stature is a plus. Stern with military like mentality. Amanda and Tiffany’s father. Similar to a Keith David in the television series “Greenleaf.”

DONNA – Chase’s Lawyer – African-American or Hispanic Female (30 -40); studious and business like.

MRS. JOHNSON – African-American Female (40-50) Amanda and Tiffany’s mother, sexy look just older in age.

SHEILA – African-American Female –(25 -35), Blake’s girlfriend, Medium build, outgoing, funny, and loves Blake and compliments him very well.

PROFESSOR BRANDON – (40 -50), college professor, studious

SEXY FEMALE – Pops love interest African-American or Latin decent (20-25) – Model type and voluptuous.

MOTHER – Chase’s Mother African-American Female (40 -50)

Project Type:  TV Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $300.00/day Ethnicity:  Black / African descent
Sex:  Male Female Age:  21 - 24 Role:  Actor City:  Atlanta

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Project Details

Short Synopsis:  CHASE, is a 21st century Casanova that refuses to fall in love and doesn’t believe in it, until he meets a driven and very independent women named KARY in his self-owned coffee shop in Atlanta. The two don’t bond right away, however through Chase’s persistence, the two make a connection through a bestselling book, which eventually leads to long walks, sporting events, movie nights, and a rollercoaster relationship. However, when Kary decides to make a career move and accepts a job in Philadelphia, it leaves Chase heartbroken and resulting in whirlwind of self-destruction and depression that puts the couple’s future relationship in jeopardy.
Company:  Canyin View Media
Deadline: EXPIRED (227 days ago)

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