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Casting Call from an action comedy film made by SFU 2nd year student

!!!!!CASTING CALL!!!!!

Hi there! We are students from SFU and we are casting for our 2nd year film project! If you are interested feel free to contact us!

[email protected] / [email protected]

Production type:
Action Comedy Short Film

Anmol, Winkie Ng

Casting Director:
Bruce Tsang, Christy Lam

No momentary compensation, food and drink will be provided

Audition location:
TBA (Burnaby / Vancouver / Surrey / Coquitlam / Richmond)

Submission Information:
Please submit Email resume, demo reel, or any other relevant information to
1. Bruce ([email protected]) or
2. Anmol ([email protected])

Shooting Dates:
1st week of November 2019 (TBA)

Audition Dates:
Through appointment

“Take your shoes off” is an action comedy short film. It is a short story about the Chan’s family (Mr. & Mrs. Chan, Bob, Jacky). One day, Bob and Jacky come back home without taking off their muddy shoes right after Mrs. Chan mopped the floor clean and neat. Mrs. Chan then finds out her two kids Bob and Jacky is wearing their shoes while inside the house and make the floor dirty. A fight begins between them. Mrs. Chan used all sort of house items to teach Bob and Jacky a lesson.

Character Bio:
1. Bob, 16 - 18, Male, Asian

Bob is the youngest kid in the house and he really likes to mess with his mom Mrs. Chan. However, he was being scared when his mom is angry. He doesn’t involve in the first fight run away while his mom tries to beat him and his brother.

2. Jacky, 19 - 21, Male, Asian

Jacky is the eldest child of Mrs. Chan. He is strong and he tries to defend himself from Mrs. Chan attacks in the film.

3. Mrs. Chan, 35 - 40, Female, Asian

Mrs. Chan is a mother of two child, and she loves keeping everything clean and organized. Her mood becomes really bad when the mopped floor is dirtied while her kids do not take their shoes off before entering the house. In this film, she gets really angry and she punish her two kids with her “weapons”.

4. Mr. Chan, 35 - 40, Male, Asian

Mr. Chan exist in the ending scene of the film, when the fight is already over and kids have already learnt their lesson. Bob and Jacky yell at Mr. Chan while he repeats the same mistake and enter the house without taking off his shoes.

Project Type:  Short Status:  Non-Union Ethnicity:  Asian
Sex:  Male Female Age:  all ages Role:  Actor City:  Burnaby

Project Details

Company:  Simon Fraser University
Deadline: EXPIRED (604 days ago)

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