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Casting call for multiple roles for Pulk Feature Film. Non Union PAID

In 99 days

stutterFILMS is currently in development for a feature length version of Julian Filigno's "Pulk".

A fragmented narrative that chronicles several unrelated stories in parallel. Each separate story opens with the scene of a crime, as the film pushes forward the story pulls backwards, accounting and clarifying the motives and causes behind each crime. All stories are linked with the much televised "Adrian Graham Story", a crime that is developed in the films prologue. News footage and audio further push Adrian's story through out the unrelated stories.

The film will be written & directed by Julian Filigno and produced by Alfio Foti.

Journalist CALVIN SHEPARD interviews a man who has been convicted of a heinous crime. Calvin manipulates his words in hope to pulling the answers out. He is a man of questions and will shape his conversation to his likening in hopes that he corners him and gets what he wants.

**Main Character** $100.00/per-day

AGE RANGE: 25-35

Pulk Segment: The Adrian Graham Story

After being involved in a hit-and-run, DRIVER spends his day in a self-destructive mental state. He roams the streets both violent and emotional. He is a man filled with anger and aggression, only shown when he is brought to his breaking point. His short fuse is his downfall.

**Main Character** $100.00/per-day

AGE RANGE: 20-30

Pulk Segment: Two-Way Stop

Kept to herself and invisible to the world, MARIANNA works by herself in a large empty warehouse. Her boss harasses her, both emotionally and physically. The men in her life have not treat her well and have driven her to a point of no return. She is quiet and alone.

**Main Character** $100.00/per-day

AGE RANGE: 20-35

Pulk Segment: What's Good For The Goose

Having not been promoted in years, BOSS manages the small team of women he has hired in his warehouse. A misogynist and a bigot, BOSS exercises his dominance over the women he has hired in a routinely manner. He is a disgusting man.

**Main Character** $100.00/per-day

AGE RANGE: 30-40

Pulk Segment: What's Good For The Goose

Isolated in her suburban home, WIFE runs through her daily routines of cleaning and cooking. Miserable and needing to add some form of stimulation to her desolate habits, she explores her sexuality in multiple ways that ultimately leave her unsatisfied until she pushes herself to riskier fulfillments.

**Main Character** $200.00/per-day

AGE RANGE: 25-45

Pulk Segment: I Am Home

NUDE Scene Required
The scene at hand is not meant to be sexy, but sad, and to demonstrate the length the character has been pushed too emotionally

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36 - 40

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