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A six-part series about how the elite are saved and the normal people die when the shit hits the fan --
because that's how the government wants it. It's about spending billions of dollars to shield Washington's elites during a nuclear war but almost nothing to protect normal people from a deadly pandemic. It's about stockpiling secret government bunkers with gold and food for a handpicked few while ignoring PPE for healthcare workers. It's about national secrets hiding in plain sight that have no benefit for the everyday people who walk past them each morning. It's about massive systems that focus on irrelevant threats while we ignore clear and present dangers. It's about being outraged by how our government spends our money to protect a cadre of elites and amused by how inept that spending can be. As we move through the shadow world, we'll expose the U.S. government's plans to save itself (and its friends) while the rest of us die --- and with every revelation we will ask ourselves "Is it time to rethink the whole damn thing?"

Young, unconventional voice (non broadcast). Hyper-informed know it all, who's telling you a shocking, inside story. The tone should be deadpan, serious so the snark in the writing doesn't feel over the top.

Project Type:  TV Status:  Non-Union Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Male Female Age:  36 - 40 Role:  Voice Over City:  Toronto


(START) "These Doomsday plans include secret bunkers, aerial command centers, and an army of people dedicated to saving the president and the elite around him.
They're planning for the worst even as Trump preaches the best. 
Engineers too sick to maintain the power grid? They’ve got massive generators. Cellphone system craps out? They've got their own, private communication infrastructure. Supermarket shelves empty? They’ve stockpiled enough food for years. And don’t get us started on toilet paper - they’ve got a forest’s worth stashed away." (END)

Project Details

Company:  Shadow America
Deadline: EXPIRED (231 days ago)

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