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Sproud is looking for candidates for the following roles in an upcoming shoot:

1. Role: 3 Friends
- Gender: 2 Female, 1 Male
- Age: Mid 20s - 30s
- Requirements: Must be daring, able to do bungee jump, sporty

2. Role: Family (Parents, 1 Kid)
- Nationality: Korean / Japanese / Chinese
- Requirements: Must be daring and able to swim with fishes, comfortable being in water and swimming.

3. Role: Couple
- Age: Mid 20s - 30s
- Race / Nationality: Caucasian / Eurasian / Thai
- Requirement: Comfortable and daring to wear bikinis / beach wear.

4. Role: Elderly Couple
- Age: Early 60s

5. Role: Couple
- Age: Mid 20s - 30s
- Race: Caucasian
- Requirements: Charming, Good Looking

6. Role: 2 Girls
- Nationality: Filipino
- Age: Early 20s.

7. Role: Couple
- Race / Nationality: Non-Singaporean (Pan Asian, Japanese, Korean)
- Age: 20s - 30s

8. Role: 2 Teenage Boys
- Age: 17 - 20
- Requirements: Must not be afraid of heights

9. Role: 1 Girl
- Age: 20s
- Requirements: Charming, Good-Looking

10. Role: Couple / 5 International Friends
- Age: Early 20s - Mid 20s.

11. Role: Family (with 2 Kids)
- Age for Kids: 5 - 10
- Requirements: Comfortable to be in water with fishes.

Talent based in Singapore are preferred. All are welcome.

Audition Period: 15th May - 26th May

Shooting Period: End of May - Early June (TBC)

Project Type:  Commercial Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $0.00/day Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Male Female Age:  all ages Role:  Talent City:  Singapore

Please e-mail us a recent full body shot, a headshot, your contact number and a short 30s introduction video to [email protected] with the subject heading of “PRO19013_SDC_DV_Your Intended Role if you are interested.

Shortlisted candidates would be contacted for further details.

Thank you!

Project Details

Company:  Sproud
Deadline: EXPIRED (90 days ago)

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