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Casting Call - Student Short "Torawkno"

Short student film looking for actors/actresses!
Location: Downtown Toronto
need 6 actors and 2 actresses
Dates TBD flexible schedules preferred (from Nov-Dec)
Food and Transportation will be provided

Having worked on several other short films, it is time for me to make my own! i have a great team to work with behind the cameras, just need a great team in front of them! hopefully you can be apart of it and we can make something great together!

Plot: After the long wait for his friend Grayson to get out of jail, both him and Mookie are finally reunited and looking to get back to where they left off. Being disobedient and ignorant as usual, Mookie has drew his final straw with his father and is kicked out of his house. Left stranded, he movies in with Grayson and the both of them head back to the streets for work. The two of them decide to plan a robbery for some quick cash, little did they know how many complications they would run into and ultimately having to face the consequences for their actions. While they are on their journey they are accompanied by some friends. As these 6 young teens try to find purpose In life, we see the lives of these reckless teens in the city who are being mislead and misguided. Forced to go through life with the cards that they are dealt with and surviving what ever life throws at them while leaning about life through real life experiences. From love, pain, drugs, money, death ,greed ,suicide, teen pregnancy, incarceration and heart aches.

Mookey 17 - Rude and reckless ill tempered suburban kid well educated who loves cameras and movies.
NOTE: Some scenes require this character to smoke

Grayson 18 - urban inner city kid well just released from jail. mannered and educated ,articulate and  is well aware of his surroundings.
NOTE: Some scenes require this character to smoke

Kimmy 17 - a strong trendy inner city promiscuous female with a hot temper and a huge hunger for any financial gains that play in her favor.
NOTE: Some scenes require this character to smoke

Jane 17 - Kimmy's best friend since middle school, a quiet and shy inner city female with bipolar issues who tags along with Kimmy everywhere.
NOTE: Some scenes require this character to smoke

Stacks 16 - is a younger generation inner city kid who with a highly impressionable mind that lacks proper guidance but yearns to earn his stripes within his urban inner city peers and community.

Kicko 16 - is stacks best friend , also an Inner city young generation kid , but also has  highly impressionable mind,  but comes  from a good hard working  home ,with good morals.

Kayson 21 - the king pin, big and intimidating gangster who people think twice about messing with. Has a big temper and a hot head and will do whatever it takes to keep his territory.

Ross 20 - second in command to Kayson more loyal than anyone, a small, skinny and weak looking gangster with a scrappy personality. Doesn't take lip from anyone beneath him and does what he wants. Often over looked because of his appearance but he makes people regret it by how psychotic he is.

Please contact [email protected] or direct message me to schedule a time to audition for the roll you are interested in. Scripts will be provided to you when you come to audition. Location of auditions is downtown Toronto, exact address will be provided in a follow up email when you book your audition. Any other questions or concerns feel free to contact me. :)

Project Type:  Short Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $0.00/day Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Male Female Age:  16 - 20 Role:  Actor City:  Toronto

Exact address of the audition will be given in a follow up email, and scripts will be provided when you arrive to your audition.

Project Details

Company:  Torawkno media
Deadline: EXPIRED (282 days ago)

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