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Casting Middle-eastern Grandfather (60+)

WestWind Pictures is looking for a middle-eastern looking grandfather character for a pilot we are shooting this coming weekend. This is a non-union role. Rehearsal will take place on June 15 with filming taking place on June 16, June 29 and June 30.

Project Type:  TV Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $500.00/day Ethnicity:  Middle Eastern
Sex:  Male Age:  61 - 70 Role:  Actor City:  Stratford

Please send your reading for OSCAR to [email protected]

Oscar and Honey are dragging her suitcases up three flights
in an old apartment building.

Your old place had an elevator.

So it did. No room in my old place for
you though.

That's okay. I didn't have to come.

What? And miss out living with me?

You know it's not that grandpa. I
loved coming when it was just to
visit. I just never thought I'd... *
LIVE here.

Well we all get surprises in life. I
never expected to be sharing an *
apartment with a fifteen year old.
(He gasps for breath)
And the elephant you must have in this

They reach the top floor. Oscar fumbles for his keys and
opens the door.

Project Details

Producer:  Clark Donnelly
Director:  Mary Darling
Company:  WestWind Pictures
Deadline: EXPIRED (397 days ago)

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