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Casting Middle Eastern Roles for Short Film

We are currently casting two roles of Middle Eastern descent for a SAG-AFTRA student thesis film, ''Forget Me Not'', at the prestigious Chapman University, Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. This film is intended to be submitted to film festivals. Talent will be given IMDb credit and provided a copy of the film.


Anna Megerdichian
Female / Supporting / Armenian/or any Middle Eastern descent / 40 - 50
Joe's mother. As a single parent, she is struggling to be both the nurturing and authoritative parent that Joe needs. She struggles with depression and anxiety; a weight that she cannot fully understand.
As a child, she spent a lot of time with Nouritza before she passed away, learning a lot about their culture. She knew that Nouritza survived the Genocide, but was never told any details. Has always felt that whatever pain Nouritza had was passed onto her mother and even herself. She fears the same is happening to Joe, and wishes to help him, but cannot help him completely as she does not know how to even help herself. (Works 2 days)

Nouritza Megerdichian (Older)
Female / Supporting / Armenian/or any Middle Eastern descent / 55 - 70
Joe's great-grandmother. Extremely courageous, wise, and nurturing. Survived the Armenian Genocide but lost a daughter during it. After the Genocide, she moved to America where she aimed to start a new life, not letting her pain stop her from continuing her life. She refused to speak about what happened to her, in fear of passing that trauma onto her new family. Now appearing as an apparition, she aims to show Joe the pain that he and his mother still carry and teach him how to overcome it, ending the cycle. (Works 2 days)

Shoot Dates: 3/5/21-3/7/21 and 3/12/21-3/14/21

Shoot Location: Orange County, CA

Rate: SAG-AFTRA Deferred. $125/day separate and above deferred, paid by production at the end of filming + Gas stipend $0.35/mile

Project Type:  Short Status:  Union Salary:  $125.00/day Ethnicity:  Middle Eastern
Sex:  Female Age:  50 - 60 Role:  Actor City:  Los Angeles CA

Please send an email with your headshot, resume and theatrical demo reel to [email protected]

Project Details

Short Synopsis:  “Forget Me Not” follows the story of Joe Megerdichian, a struggling young man who experiences a strange phenomenon that connects him to his family’s untold, traumatic past. After rejecting help from his mother, Joe is visited that night by a strange apparition of his great grandmother, Nouritza, who throws him into a surreal recreation of her tragic past: showing him the night when her daughter was kidnapped and burned alive at the start of the Armenian Genocide. After witnessing this event firsthand, Joe learns that he and his Mom still carry this unresolved trauma, and if they wish for it to end, they must confront it in themselves together. Inspired by a true story of the Armenian Genocide.
Casting Director:  Terry Berland
Company:  Berland Casting
Deadline: EXPIRED (471 days ago)

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