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Casting for ONE 18-25 y/o Male, ONE 40+ Female, ONE 30+ Female, and Side Characters

Carmen is a middle-aged woman who has lost her husband. She feels abandoned, heartbroken, and in over her head taking care of things alone. She gets by, but it’s not easy and she’s closed off from everyone.

SAM, MALE, 18-25
Sam is a young man who has lost his father and feels forgotten by his mother. He’s comes off as reckless and apathetic, but really feels angry and sad and scared. Sam struggles with the changes in his life and the consequences of his reckless behaviour.

(Only heard in a phone conversation, doesn’t appear on-screen)
Carmen’s younger sister. Sofia urges her sister to reach out to her son more and consider professional help.

Side characters who, when provoked, attack Sam

Project Type:  Short Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $0.00/day Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Male Female Age:  all ages Role:  Actor City:  Ottawa

We are accepting video auditions for SAM and CARMEN and SOFIA (note that Sofia will not appear on-screen). Contact Celine Borlé by email if you are interested, at [email protected].
You will be sent a script sample and more detailed instructions on auditioning. Be prepared to send photos, demos, and/or examples of your work (however, previous experience is not a requirement).
For those interested in playing a side character, please contact Celine Borlé.

Deadline for Video Auditions: Thursday March 23, 12PM (NOON)
Actors selected for call backs will be notified by Friday March 24, 5PM
Call Backs (IN PERSON): Tuesday March 28, 10AM – Algonquin College Room B183
Shooting Starts: Saturday April 1
Shooting Ends: Wednesday April 12
Shooting Locations: Multiple Possible Locations - St. Patrick Street (semi-detached), Daly Avenue (duplex), Outdoors (Sandy Hill or Westboro)

Project Details

Project Title:  Crossing Tracks
Short Synopsis:  Sam and his mother have been distant since his father died. But it’s like she doesn’t even notice, or doesn’t care. Carmen still struggles to cope day-to-day. Sam feels like he’s lost both parents, and he’s hardly ever home anymore. Carmen wonders what her son does when he’s gone, but she doesn’t ask. While doing Sam’s laundry, Carmen picks up a worn baseball jersey with dark stains. Sam wears it all the time – it used to be his father’s. His nighttime activities are far from innocent and so despite Carmen’s constant scrubbing of the shirt, the dirt and blood and grime always reappears.
Producer:  Cierra Wieja
Director:  Celine Borlé
Casting Director:  Celine Borlé
Company:  So Much Films
Deadline: EXPIRED (966 days ago)

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