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Casting for Student Short Film (4 Roles)


This is a non-paying student film and no permit is required. Actors will receive a copy of the finished film for their demo reel. Meals and beverages will be provided on the shoot days. If transportation is required, we can arrange transportation.


LOGLINE: After the discovery of a large swarm of flies, one girl becomes obsessed with proving that her landlords are murderers who hide their victim’s bodies in the upstairs apartment.

Main Characters:
Maria (Female, 18-25)
Maria is level headed, mature, and highly rational. She cares deeply about her roommate, Jill. Maria often goes along with Jill’s shenanigans, mostly to keep Jill safe, and make sure she doesn’t blow anything up. Maria has high expectations of others, but she has a big heart, and in the end, she always forgives.

Jill (Female, 18-25)
Jill is eccentric, slightly obsessive, and determined. She isn’t the best at reading social cues or taking other’s feelings into account, but that’s only because she tends to get preoccupied or fixated on specific tasks. She likes playing the role of amateur sleuth, but instead of solving crimes, she usually just gets herself- and her roommate, Maria- into precarious situations.

Minor Characters:
Carl (Male, 35-55)
Carl is sort of an enigma. He’s quiet and appears rigid when in public, but can be himself in the comfort of his own home. He is a landlord, a husband- and a serial killer. He keeps a very clean house, has a bedroom closet full of sex toys, and enjoys keeping bodies in the walls of his house.

Barb (Female 35-55)
Barb is neat, pristine, and demure. At least, that’s how it seems. While she presents herself as a charity-giving Christian, Barb is full of surprises on the inside. She gets off on fooling everyone with her tame attitude, meanwhile she’s not shy when it comes to bedroom activities, or committing murder.

If interested, submit your resume and headshot to [email protected]

Project Type:  Short Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $0.00/day Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Male Female Age:  all ages Role:  Actor City:  Toronto

Project Details

Company:  Lucas Pelle
Deadline: EXPIRED (257 days ago)

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