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The Lakeside Perspective - Sheridan College Student Film
Shooting November 22nd-25th
Non-Union / Unpaid,
Food and transportation are provided.

THERESA: Plays both mid-40s (flashbacks) and mid-50s. Recently widowed, she wants nothing more than to re-establish her relationship with her son. Though she fears if he knows the truth about why they became estranged, she’ll lose him forever. She has till the weekends end to speak her truth or else spend the rest of her life alone. Can be played by any race/ethnicity.

NICK: A stern father with strong beliefs, he only wants the best for his wife and son. When he is caught off guard by the fact that his son is gay, he lashes out which causes a decades-long fight between the family. His reaction is sparked by his fear and worry for his son but is shown as rejection. Can be played by any race/ethnicity.

Project Type:  Short Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $0.00/day Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Male Female Age:  41 - 45 Role:  Actor City:  Toronto Ontario

Email [email protected] if interested.

Project Details

Short Synopsis:  When the patriarch of their family dies, Issac and his mom Theresa take a trip to their old family cottage to scatter the ashes of her late husband Nick. This trip takes place a decade after the family had a falling out over Issac’s sexuality. The weekend brings up reminders of the tension that exists in the family, and Issac expresses his anger at his mom for choosing to side with his father over him. Theresa reveals that she was the one who chose to stay away, not Issac's father. Issac is left with making the choice to forgive his mother or leave her out of his life for good. After some reconciliation, the two make amends and rediscover their sense of family before the weekend's end.
Producer:  Autumn Mosey
Director:  Steve Grabell
Casting Director:  Autumn Mosey
Company:  Steve Grabell
Deadline: EXPIRED (752 days ago)

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