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Children of the Street - Predator Watch Campaign TSA

118 days ago

We are looking for M & F talent 18+ playing high school students, 15-17.

There are 2 speaking roles, 1 M and 1 F.

Also 3 non-speaking roles for M.

About the Organization:
Children of the Street Society is dedicated to preventing the sexual exploitation and human trafficking of children and youth in BC through education, public awareness and family support.

Campaign Objective:
To educate young men about the importance of standing up and speaking out when they know of, or witness, sexual abuse along w/ the dangers that come along with "locker room talk" and to challenge young men to speak out against it.

Please note that this is a pro bono project.

Project Type: 
16 - 20
Casting Call will be held at Cossette offices: Cossette 1085 Homer Street, Suite 400 Vancouver, BC V6B 1J4 Thursday, January 25th from 1pm - 4pm Please contact: Kate Kusza - [email protected] or by phone at 604.209.0038 for more info.

Project Details

Short Synopsis: 
PSA Description: Being a silent witness to locker room talk may seem innocent, but it allows the behaviour to continue. Shooting in a vertical style to mimic Snapchat, we switch the focus from the offenders and victims, to the silent witnesses. The film will feature stickers/filters native to the apps, which will be applied post-production. The 30s video will be shot in a school hallway: Mike is harassing Claire in the hallway/making unwated advances while Snapchatting, and this clearly makes her uncomfortable. There are witnesses in the hallway but no one says or does anything to stop Mike.
Name / Company: 

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