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Coming of Age Film - *Casting Young People Tomorrow*


Project Title - Farewell Winona
Type - Narrative Short Film
Director / Writer - Daiva Žalnieriunas
Medium - 35mm
Producer - Emily Harris
Production Company - OPC ( )
Production Dates - Shoot will take place in Prince Edward County from September 18th - 19th
Fee - 150/day
Accommodation - Provided

*Parents/guardians very welcome to attend shoot.
*Please note, that this script does deal with mature content and would require parental consent. Adult content is spoken about, however there are NO physical interactions of a graphic nature (sexual or violent).


RYAN - Gender (M), Character Age (17-18), Caucasian or Mixed Ethnicity

Accessibly good looking, athletic and charismatic. A senior in high school who used to babysit Winona and knows her family well. This character has an air of confidence and security. Ryan comes from a wealthy family and although he self-assured this comes with a naive quality, having spent little time outside of his small time.

Must have a driver’s license.

BRAD - Gender (M), Character Age (17-18), Caucasian

Physically imposing - an athletic body with a parallel love for food and beer (character’s look can range from athletic-big to unathletic-big). Brad is Ryan’s best friend, and a senior in high school. Brad is calculated, socially manipulative and selfish. He can be a bully and has a strong personality. Brad can be mean.

WINONA - Gender (F), Character Age (13-14), Caucasian or Mixed Ethnicity

A young girl - athletic, thoughtful, strong-minded - who follows her intuition and thinks outside the box. In the physical and mental state of adolescence, can appear older or younger depending on the situation, with an expressive face. Winona is sincere and curious, can appear guarded and is strong willed.

Must be able to ride a bike. Must be able to swim.

PAIGE - Gender (F), Character Age (13-14), Any Ethnicity
Winona’s best friend. She is playful, goofy, imaginative and curious about adulthood - more so than Winona.

Must be able to swim.

Project Type:  Short Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $150.00/day Ethnicity:  White / Caucasian
Sex:  Male Female Age:  11 - 15 Role:  Actor City:  Canada Toronto



DATE - Friday, September 8, 2017
TIME - 3pm - 8pm
LOCATION - Given via email.

Please email your headshot to [email protected] to set up an audition time and receive sides.

For those selected, please do not wear excessive makeup or have hair styled. We are looking for natural looking people.

Project Details

Short Synopsis:  Farewell Winona is a coming-of-age story from the perspective of a girl, Winona (14), set on the last day of summer before entering high school. Set in the uncertain waters of rural Prince Edward County, this film focuses on the unsettling juncture between childhood and adolescence. Featuring a strong female lead full of imagination, capability and curiosity. Winona is introduced playing uninhibitedly on the beach with her childhood friend, Paige. Shortly after, on her bike ride home, Winona is picked up by her old babysitter, Ryan, and invited to his friend Brad’s trailer. In the trailer, Winona is initiated into the bewildering world of becoming an object of sexual interest and experiences disenchantment with her perception of growing up. Although seemingly safe, the trailer is rife with uneasiness, which leads her to make an interesting choice on how to handle her predicament. Retrospectively nostalgic, and fraught with complexity and tension, Farewell Winona is an honest portrayal of female adolescence.
Producer:  Emily Harris
Company:  Various Characters
Deadline: EXPIRED (990 days ago)

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