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SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Friday, December 15, 2017

If interested, please submit headshot, resume and reel to [email protected]. Please include your age and which character you're interested in being considered for. *A more detailed character breakdown will be sent before the auditions.*

A depressed, out-of-work actor who gets by with temp jobs decides to end his life. His wife of 15 years has to go through counselling to deal with the tragedy.
Her conversation with the psychologist takes her through some very difficult and painful emotions.
Additional Comments:
*Both non-union and union performers can apply.*
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Project Type:  Short Status:  Non-Union Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Male Female Age:  36 - 40 Role:  Actor City:  Canada

AGE: 35-45
An out-of-work actor who gets by with temp jobs in offices and warehouses. Married for 15 years. Depressed and losing it. Matt has given it everything he's got but the emotional void is too much for him. As he drives home after a day at a temp job that means nothing to him, he decides to end it all by crashing his car.

AG: 35-45
GENDER: Female
Hellen has been married to Matt for 15 years before his suicide. She is now left alone, devastated and blaming herself. She's seeing Emma, an experienced psychologist. It's her first time talking about her life with a professional, and she has to deal with some difficult topics.

AGE: 40-50
GENDER: Female
Emma is an experienced psychologist. She's seeing Hellen for the first time, and trying to understand who she is, who Matt was before the incident, and how she can help Hellen move on with her life. A great listener.

Project Details

Company:  RDA
Deadline: EXPIRED (336 days ago)

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