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Especially Joy


Film Title: Especially Joy
Director Sıla Göral Producer Feyannie Hung Director of Photography Will Dickson

Especially Joy is a light-hearted romantic coming of age comedy about 8-year old Daniel, who likes a classmate called Joy despite her deep interest in Liam, a 20-year old ice cream scooper. While trying to get Joy’s attention, Daniel goes through a journey of understanding what love is.

Daniel: 8 (7-9), male, any ethnicity
Daniel lives with his single father and has never experienced romantic love. He is struggling to understand his feelings for Joy. When he doesn’t get what he wants, he starts to fear and become aggressive.
Joy: 8 (7-9), female, any ethnicity
Joy is an independent and confident child. She sees love as a cheerful experience. However, she can become mean if something gets in the way of her and her desires.
Liam: 19-25, male, any ethnicity
Liam is an optimistic worker who likes his job and wants to make his customers happy. He has an outgoing and friendly personality.
Daniel’s Father: 25-45, male, any ethnicity
He is a dedicated single father who has gone through a painful divorce. He is compassionate and tries his best to provide a good life for Daniel.

Union: Non-union

Paid: Unpaid (with very good crafty and festival submissions)

Experience: Non-experience is accepted

Please e-mail [email protected] with a headshot and
resume (optional). Further details will be provided.

Project Type:  TV Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $0.00/day Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Male Female Age:  all ages Role:  Actor City:  Vancouver

Project Details

Company:  UBC Film Production
Deadline: EXPIRED (302 days ago)

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