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Feature Film “A Christmas Letter” is casting lead and principal roles. Paid.

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“A Christmas Letter” Feature film is casting multiple roles.

Auditions by tape
Shoot dates: May 10-May 18
Location: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Rate and Union: ACTRA CIPIP (25% discount) + 25% advance payment

The pressure is on for Leslie Leeds at Christmastime. For starters Penny Lane, the foster home she owns and operates, is $50,000 in debt and is one Christmas Eve inspection away from being shut down. Not only that, but two of the kids she looks after have run the North Pole! Now she has to team up with local mailman David O’Malley (DAVID LIPPER) to save the kids, save Penny Lane and possibly find love along the way.

Please indicate where your performer is located and if they can work as a Sault Ste. Marie local.


Any ethnicities
She is loving, she is caring, she is hardworking. Her name is Leslie Leeds and she is the head of the foster home known as “Penny Lane”. She has a motherly demeanour to her, as in she can be tough when her kids act out but is caring to the very end. She is goal oriented, and can give a lot of pushback to those that get in her way. She also gets jealous, probably because deep down she is so willing to fall for someone. Although, she wouldn’t want anyone to know how much she really wants love, so she usually shrugs it off when someone brings it up.

Male, 60-70, Caucasian
Robert O’Malley is David’s father, and has been injured beyond repair as a result of the accident that took his wife 15 years prior. He is a soft-hearted man who cares deeply for his son, as well as the orphans.

SAM (Supporting)
Female,  10-11, all ethnicities
One half of orphaned twins. She and her brother are the catalyst behind this story, sneaking away onto the mail truck. She is a major believer in Christmas magic, and a child who can warm even the coldest of hearts.

WENDELL (Supporting)
Male, 11-12, all ethnicities
Orphaned. He will not be separated from his twin sister, Sam. He is perceived by some outside few as a troublemaker, but what he wants more than anything in the world is for his sister to be safe. Will stop at nothing to achieve that goal.

Female, 26-36, all ethnicities
A vapid social media star with ironically no social awareness. She wants to split up the twins Sam and Wendell so she can become an “Insta Mom”. She is this generations “trophy wife”- obsessed with her phone and dead set on having her followers love her, while passive aggressively (sometimes not so passively) putting the people who are actually around her down. Above all she is clueless, heartless and overly proud.

SANTOS CLAUSE (Large Princopal)
Male, 60-70, White, Hispanic.
Jolly with a thick-white beard. He is the spitting image of Santa Claus, and in fact reads all the letters sent to him by children all around the world. He is warm, kind hearted and above all, embodies the spirit of Christmas.

CLAUDETTE (Large Principal)
Female, 30-37, all ethnicities
Leslie’s best friend and someone who helps her around Penny Lane. She’s very involved in Leslie’s social life, often pushing her to make new connections with potential lovers. She also has a few tricks up her sleeve, a couple of nuggets of handy woman’s knowledge she’s learned from all the years working at Penny Lane.

HANK (Principal)
Male, 42-46, all ethnicities
The driver of the truck that brings Sam and Wendell to the North Pole, he is above all clumsy. One can also say he may be pretty unobservant, considering he carried two children across the US-Canada border in his truck.

CHUCKY (Principal)
Male, 10-11, all ethnicities
One of the Penny Lane kids, he may be overweight but he has no issues standing up to Joey.

JOEY (Principal )
Male,10 - 11, all Ethnicities.
The “tough kid” of the Penny Lane crew. He may get into altercations with a lot of the kids at the home, but deep down we know he has a heart of gold.

ARIANA (Principal)
Female 11 - 12
Hispanic, Indigenous.
Another one of the Penny Lane children, she has a tough time
communicating with the other children due to a language barrier. As a result, she’s fairly quiet.

MONTGOMERY (Principal)
Male, 60-65
All Ethnicities.
Milan’s father and the inspector who wants to shut down Penny Lane. He is blinded by his daughter’s vapid nature and wants to stop at nothing to get her a daughter. He is curt, short and to the point.

GUS (Principal)
Male, 60-65
All ethnicities
He is David’s manager at the post office. He likes children, but sometimes he can be a bit absent minded. He seems to be focused mostly on his work, but is lenient when it comes to coming in late on occasion.

BOB HEARD (Principal)
Male, 40-60
All ethnicities
The newscaster/TV reporter, he is tired of doing the same story every year. When he hears about the Penny Lane kids, he jumps at the chance to do something different for once. Comedy background preferred.

JED (Principal)
Male, 40-45
All ethnicities
One of David’s coworkers, he knows enough about David’s situation to seem caring. He switches shifts with Hank and watches as his phone is destroyed.

Male, 45-50
All ethnicities
He follows Milan everywhere she goes and seemingly has a lot to do on his phone, as he never looks up from it. He and Milan are married, which isn’t to say that they’re in love.

SNAKE (Principal)
Male, 40-50
All ethnicities
A biker who starts out pretty tough, but softens when he’s faced with Leslie’s sharp attitude. Helpful in the end.

NHL GUY (Principal)
Male, 40-60
All ethnicities
Retired NHL player who is now coaching, he offers David a job with him. He is helpful, he is caring and he believes in the power of love around Christmastime.

Male, 30-40
All ethnicities
Not only is he looking for the missing kids, but he also pulls over our heroes. Gives David his condolences when he finds out how snippy Leslie can be, however he is a helpful soul in the end.

Project Type:  Feature Status:  Union Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Male Female Age:  all ages Role:  Actor City:  Toronto

Please email: [email protected]

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Company:  Northern Productions Inc
Deadline: EXPIRED (15 days ago)

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