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This is the most important performance of the film. She is for the most part completely catatonic, but I'm looking for a very specific type of look in her eyes. Must be able to keep a still face, yet show something much deeper within her eyes.

There IS partial nudity written in the role, that I find necessary for the perfect atmosphere of the film and very specific shots (No Sex)...BUT I am entirely committed in making this the most comfortable, and welcoming experience possible...even if that ends up meaning cutting out the partial nudity. If you are okay with the nudity, it will be a COMPLETELY closed set, with ONE camera man, and the ONE director only.

Project Type:  Short Status:  Non-Union Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Female Age:  25 - 30 Role:  Actor City:  Toronto

Send resume/headshots or Demo Reels to :
[email protected]

There will be an audition date/time around the beginning of March, sent to those we believe are suited for the role.

Project Details

Project Title:  Melatonin
Short Synopsis:  This is a low budget horror short film, from the director/writer of "Monster Bed", "Brother(s)", and Daddy's Girls. We WILL be getting the film into numerous film festivals, so the exposure will be there for you. This is the directors most serious, and passionate work yet. We will contact you with audition dates once we have reviewed all the resumes and headshots.
Producer:  Nick Pusic
Director:  Nick Pusic
Casting Director:  Nick Pusic
Company:  Bubblegum Homicide Productions
Deadline: EXPIRED (1305 days ago)

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