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Fortuitous - Student Film

We are a group of students creating a 1 minute short film for the Mighty Asian Moviemaking Marathon Film Festival. Our film is looking for an all Asian cast.

Auditions: Aug 6-9
Shooting Starts: Aug 10
Shooting Ends: Aug 12

Relying on a secret form of communication dating back to an ancient insurgency, the fate of a determined man’s mission lies in the hands of the Western world’s favourite Chinese Cookie. Fortuitous is comedic drama with a twist of spy espionage celebrating the mishaps of everyday life and how one must make the best of them.

Character Bios:
*There is very little dialogue in this film, so there is a strong preference for actors who can express emotions through actions and body language.*

Handsome, tall, sleek and determined, the secret agent is experienced and has successfully completed many missions. This mission is simple, arrive at the rendezvous point and deliver the package. He is sharply dressed, direct, and straightforward. Agents are used to being given a mission and carrying out the instructions until the end. Every action he takes is calibrated, precise and with style.

Pretty, slightly naive, and just wants people to get along so that she can do her job. The waitress is absent minded, thinking of other things she wants to do. She is distracted and often caught up humming and daydreaming about her hobbies after work. She gets easily sidetracked and appears clumsy, yet is this her true personality, or is it just a facade covering up an intelligent and cunning mind?

Good looking, calm, casual and slightly naive, and oblivious to the fact that it’s their third year anniversary, CHRISTIAN just wanted a nice quiet meal with his girlfriend. He is smart, intelligent and easy going, just a little bit slow when it comes to understanding his girlfriend’s feelings.

Pretty and well-put together, JEN usually has a calm personality and is not easily riled up. She really loves her boyfriend, CHRISTIAN and was genuinely looking forward to celebrating their anniversary together. They are at a point in their relationship where she wants to know if he genuinely cares about her still, so she did not mention their anniversary at all in the weeks leading up to it. As the date grew closer, she grew anxious and then angry. We meet her in the film with all this pent up anger that she takes out on him silently until something finally sets her off.

Project Type:  Short Status:  Non-Union Ethnicity:  Asian
Sex:  Male Female Age:  21 - 24 Role:  Actor City:  Vancouver
Deadline: EXPIRED (379 days ago)

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