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Homeless Shakespeare

A two episode web series with 3 shooting days per episode.
Pilot Episode: November 25, 2017 - November 27, 2017
2nd Episode: December 2, 2017 - December 4, 2017

Bradley (Male – Early 20’s) – Lead (Pilot Episode & 2nd Episode)
A high energy dramatic actor, passionate about his work and dreams of success. He has a difficult home life and finds himself on the streets after his father kicks him out of his home. He not only wants to become a successful actor, but is also seeking the approval and support of his father.

Emile (Female – 30’s) – Principal (Pilot Episode & 2nd Episode)
Eccentric and wild, yet professional, she was a stage play producer before being blacklisted from the industry, forcing her to do business with homeless actors who have a passion for the arts. Seeing herself as a failure, she wants to steer other artists towards the success that she couldn’t find. She wants to lift others up and is hoping to catch a ride up with them.

Christopher (Male – 50’s) – Principal (Pilot Episode)
Bradley’s strict and unsupportive father. A major cynic, his worldview is fuelled by confirmation bias. He sees the arts, such as acting, to be a guaranteed way to become a failure in life, and doesn’t want his son to pursue that career.

Steven (Male – 40’s) – Principal
A deranged homeless puppeteer that assumes he is the most endowed in the arts. Steven does not want to be overstepped on by anyone who he thinks is stealing his spotlight. Not only does Steven despise these kind of people, but will do anything that he can to hinder them from achieving success. Despite his cynical behaviour, he is truly passionate about his work as an artist.

Monica (Female – Early 20’s) – Principal (2nd Episode)
Monica is an old classmate of Bradley. She is self-confident and the popular one. After graduating from acting school, Monica started dating a successful producer and has never been in need of a job for herself. She dedicates her time to spending her boyfriend’s money in beauty treatments and things she doesn’t need.

Wild Eyed Bill (Male - 40’s) - Principal (2nd episode)
Wild Eyed Bill is the seasoned veteran of the local community center. Years in the streets have made him completely crazy. As a younger man, he was someone with big dreams and a huge passion, but life has brought him down and as a result has been in the streets for over 10 years. He sees himself in the youthful spirit of some of the other homeless people, and wants them to avoid the mistakes that led him to this stage in life.

Project Type:  Short Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $0.00/day Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Male Female Age:  25 - 30 Role:  Actor City:  British Columbia

Audition dates: November 11, 2017 & November 12, 2017
Callbacks: November 18, 2017

Please email a head shot, resume, preferred audition date, and a demo reel (if available) to [email protected]

Project Details

Project Title:  Homeless Shakespeare
Short Synopsis:  Bradley is an aspiring Shakespearean actor who is determined to start a career in the industry. Unfortunately, his father Christopher, disapproves of the arts wholeheartedly and believes that it is just a set-up for failure. Because of this, they get into a huge argument that forces Bradley out of the house, who leaves behind his personal belongings and house keys. He finds himself at a park and belts out a Shakespearean monologue out of frustration, when suddenly, Emile, a washed out and unsuccessful producer starts clapping in awe after hearing Bradley's performance. Emile offers her managerial services to him and willingly invites Bradley to star in a play that she is putting together. Bradley hesitantly accepts the offer and begins to work with Emile.
Producer:  Robin Macabulos
Director:  Riley McCrimmon
Casting Director:  Ken Sasaki
Company:  Vancouver Film School
Deadline: EXPIRED (557 days ago)

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