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JAYLEN "The Boss"

ETHNICITY (Asian/biracial)

A pretty boy
takes really good care of his looks
Super-tall (between 6’1 & 6’4)
Straight & bright white smile.

Deep voice, very charming when he speaks, he’s also very corny in his own admirable way.
Often wears suit pants & dress shoes to work with a nice, simple turtle neck.
Jaylen is one of the many office owners of a huge fundraising company called FFA
(Fundraising for All).

He was usually an employee of the month or the most valued player on any team, as everyone knows that you can count on him to get things right the first time, and every time. He also loves to help out others. This man is a perfectionist and his continuous search for self-improvement regularly makes his life unnecessarily complicated. Overly analytical and rarely satisfied with the way things are, He is often his own worst enemy when it comes to enjoying life and relationships.

When dating, Jaylen likes to think of himself as the dominant partner, the one who sets the rules. He’ll never admit he’s in the wrong, or he’s overlooked detail, but he will analyze any criticism, probably over and over and over again. He doesn’t express emotion very well and this can make him appear too reserved and even unapproachable at times. He finds it difficult to let anyone get emotionally close to him, so making new friends and committing to a relationship is sometimes a problem.

Aya was one of the first people he found to join his office as a sales rep. He saw that she was fundraising on behalf of another company already and also training another girl. He approached her with his business card. Since then, she’s been the best fundraising rep and the reason he assembled a perfect team. This caused his office to skyrocket to the number one position. After 6 months, she was promoted to assistant manager. Unexpectedly, he has developed strong, romantic feelings for her that he constantly battles with. Ultimately, he chooses not to act on them, but the chemistry is undeniable. She is the main reason for the balance in the office and a strong bonding team. So, you can imagine how taken aback he is when Aya lets him know she will be leaving the company in two weeks to pursue life endeavors. After hearing this earth-shattering news, he realizes he is forced to confront the feelings he has for her. But is he capable?

Project Type:  TV Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $0.00/day Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Male Age:  25 - 30 Role:  Actor City:  Toronto

Please submit a short cover letter, and a demo reel if applicable. Include your Instagram/Tiktok handle in your submission. Those who do not include asked information will not be considered. If you do not use social media please EMAIL your submission and attach your best pictures so we can see you clearly and a short video clip stating your name, age, and height to [email protected]

Project Details

Short Synopsis:  The feeling of true human connection is such a rewarding experience. Outside of family and romantic relationships, friendship is one of the most meaningful bonds one can have. That’s why people have always been drawn to Nayla; friendship isn’t just an experience with her, it’s genuine. She values every person she chooses to connect with. Through personal ups and downs, Nayla always manages to be there for her friends. When you need her, and when you think you don’t. She’s a caring, naive, optimistic, kindhearted soul; ultimately making her an easy target for emotional manipulation. If you’re anything like Nayla, you tend to get taken advantage of. Thankfully, her two best friends Zahra & Imani are always by her side to keep her grounded. Even when their own lives are filled with chaos. (They all have that in common). It’s rare to find one person like that, but somehow Nayla managed to find two. An Inspired take on Real-life events, UPN’s “Girlfriends” With a unique K drama twist: Three Dimensional Set in the heart of downtown Toronto, the series follows the lives of young adults through the intricacies of their romantic/platonic relationships. Through these three diverse women, viewers will travel the world through their eyes and understand their individual experiences as they navigate their twenties. With all life’s ups and downs, you won’t be able to help but feel connected to them and their story. Why? Because there’s a Zahra, Imani, and Nayla in everyone. Nayla is the heart of the show & the group. She loves unapologetically, even when she shouldn’t. Wearing her heart on her sleeve without boundaries, leaves her ending up in MANY toxic situations. Her consistent optimism leads her to never believe a red flag. She can be a mess sometimes, some may say she’s an “emotional train wreck”. Hey, nobody’s perfect. Zahra is the body of the show & the peacemaker of the group. When she interacts with others, she always tries to understand life from differing perspectives. She's cool, far more mature & intellectual than your average 21-year-old and she strives to maintain peace and harmony in all her relationships. As much as she can be Nayla’s peace, she has a lot going on in her personal life. Being the young daughter in a cultural home with a misogynistic older brother is one thing, having a father who passed of suicide leaving no explanation behind only 7 months ago, is another. Emphasis on a lot going on. She’s very stubborn with her opinions and closed off emotionally. Guys often find her “difficult” to connect with, but lately, she is ready to go when it comes to sex. Call her a man-eater, some say her personality is like an on and off switch. Imani is the spirit & the comedic relief of the show. Imani represents the blunt truth. She will hold that mirror up in front of you and show you who you are. People hate that. On the other hand, she is genuinely always there to help you if it leads towards your personal growth. She wants everyone to find their purpose and to feel fulfilled. She’s a go-getter who lights up every room with her loud personality and infectious humor. With that being said, she can often come off judgmental and critical. She thinks she knows everything, (most of the time she does) but sometimes she doesn’t. Her crass tendencies can be counterproductive and can leave a bad taste in people’s mouths. Imani tends to react with her cynical point of view after hearing news before understanding the perspective of what’s happened; She’s working on that. The first season follows Nayla’s journey through the seven stages of her breakup after she admits to being unfaithful to her boyfriend of 2 years. Imani’s life, as always is filled with the chaos that follows her friends and family. It is always a situation that is unimaginable with Imani to the rescue. On the other hand, Zahra is dealing with a college love scandal, her mom's mental health, and the traumas left behind due to her father’s suicide. With the undeniable tone of nostalgia, you won’t be able to help yourself but fall for the 2000’s aesthetic, the infectious personalities of characters, and their mind-bending stories.
Producer:  Melissa Remy
Director:  Melissa Remy
Casting Director:  Melissa Remy
Deadline: In 65 days

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