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Layla - a Humber College Student Film Production

Third year Film & Television Production students from Humber College are looking for two (2) female actors.

•AUDITION DATE: October 13, 2017
•FILMING DATES: November 7-9, 2017

STORYLINE: At the height of the political turmoil of the seventies, two next-door neighbours at important stages of their lives encounter each other for the first time. In a single night, they connect over music, marijuana, and the uncertainties of a future they both fear.

*Please note ALL ethnicities and physical attributes will be considered for the roles*
*Both roles will require simulated smoking of marijuana/cigarettes*

SELENA (15-18): Selena is a high school senior who gets invited to parties, but tends to avoid them because she doesn't feel like she's ready to step out of the status quo and into a whole other world. She is a fan of poetry to the point where she frames pictures of her famous poets on her bedroom wall, leaving them as immortalized as her daily inspirations every morning when she wakes up. She also enjoys writing poetry in her spare time but is aware that she is no Maxine Kumin. Selena truly feels like going through this important transition in her life -- the journey from adolescence to adulthood. Feeling distanced from her friends and mother, she realizes that her biggest fear is not being prepared for the future and she is desperately searching to make a connection with someone, or something, or anything, really, to guide her.

LAYA (20-25): Layla is an easy-going woman with a "live in the now" mentality and trying to make the most of her twenties. Although she comes off as carefree, there is a side of Layla that belongs to the anti-war movement, joining the growing population of other young Americans that resents their own country's involvement in the Vietnam War. She is armed with a voice that shines in the many short stories, speeches, and poems she enjoys writing. Layla has been saving up to move to the big city in order to start the next chapter of her life. However, her biggest fear is failing to build a bright future for herself because she doesn't feel ready to accept that she is an adult.

Project Type:  Short Salary:  $0.00/day Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Female Age:  21 - 24 Role:  Casting Director City:  Toronto

Both UNION and NON-UNION will be considered. These roles are unpaid but food and transportation will be compensated along with a digital copy of the finished film for their demo reel.

Please directed your headshots and resumes (demo reels are welcome) to [email protected]

Project Details

Company:  Humber College
Deadline: EXPIRED (684 days ago)

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