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LGBT romcom musical feature is casting various roles. Non Union. Paid

Submitted by kisacasting on Fri, 01/17/2020 - 22:30

Stupid For You is an LGBT romantic comedy musical feature film supported by Telefilm and The Harold Greenberg Fund.
A love sick 17 year-old girl pursues a punk rock fan-girl by reuniting her mom’s dangerously dysfunctional punk band.

Stupid For you is the new feature film by Jude Klassen (Love in the Sixth) and is produced by The Butler Brothers (First Round Down, Mourning Has Broken). Shot by Michael Jari Davidson (SuperGrid, First Round Down).

EDEN: 15-22/Open Ethnicity.
She is the “It Girl” of the school, worshipped by her entourage, she’s cool, she’s hip and she could have any girl she wants and knows it.
STEVIE: 15-22/Open Ethnicity. *Must be able to SING and PLAY GUITAR. A musical theatre nerd. Open-hearted, easily embarrassed, and can be very awkward. She sees the genuine good in people, and maybe someday someone will see all the genuine goodness in her.

RAOUL: 40-60/Open Ethnicity. *Must be able to sing and play guitar. Smart, funny, laid back. He’s successful, sure of himself, and open to new possibilities.
SID: 40-60/Open Ethnicity. *Must be able to sing and play guitar. Talented guitar player who never got the success he felt he deserved, and now teaches it. A gas lighter with a chip on his shoulder.
LILY: 40’s/Open Ethnicity. *Must be able to sing.
She is cool, tough, and takes no prisoners. A stage presence whether she is on one or not.

Project Type:  Feature Status:  Non-Union Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Male Female Age:  all ages Role:  Actor City:  Toronto

PLEASE EMAIL: [email protected] with Headshot and the Character you are interested in. We will slot you in, send you sides and audtion address.
Shooting Dates: March 9-27 . Toronto. Paid/Non-Union.

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Company:  Stupid for films inc
Deadline: EXPIRED (733 days ago)

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