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The Loop - Web Series - BRAMPTON & GEORGETOWN

73 days ago

Ark Productions is casting actors to fill roles in our new web-series "The Loop". This is a non-paid project.

The Loop is a web-series based on school gangs evolving into legitimate street gangs as Krey Cabral makes a decision that changes everyone's life.


Nigel Parker
- African American.
- 17 - 19 Years Old.
- Put up a front as he’s laid back, tough and doesn’t care, but deep down he’s scared of Gangs and Gang Violence.
Connor Knox
- West Indian.
- 15 - 17 Years Old.
- Connor Knox or CK is part of Nigel’s gang and is his little brother, he was adopted by Nigel’s parents. CK acts like a thug but is extremely scared of the real street gangs and violence.
Jay Dhillon
- East Indian.
- 17 - 19 Years Old.
- Jay is Kreys best friend. They grew up together since they were 3 years old. Jay is a real ride or die friend to Krey and Krey’s younger brother Isaac. Jay is in Kreys gang helping him with anything he needs.
Alycia Lee
- Asian Canadian.
- 17 - 19 Years Old.
- Alycia has had a crush on Krey ever since elementary school. The day she found out that Krey hated Nigel and Nigel had feelings for her. She started dating Nigel just to get information about his gang and give it to Krey.
Tommy McCayne
- Open Ethnicity.
- 20 - 25 Years Old.
Benzi Parker
- African Canadian.
- 20 - 25 Years Old.
- Benzi is Nigel's older brother.
- Open Ethnicity
- 15 - 25 Years Old


Please submit to [email protected] with your headshots, resume and demo reel/recent work.

Project Type: 
all ages
Please email us at [email protected] with your headshots, resume and demo reel/recent work (if you don't have recent work or a demo reel it is okay). Deadline is December 9th, 2017.

Project Details

Project Title: 
The Loop
Saahil Matharu
Casting Director: 
Saahil.M & Brenden Lo-Nguyen
Name / Company: 
Ark Productions

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