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"Lovely Rose" Episodes are casting Actors. Non Union

Submitted by castingpro on Wed, 03/15/2017 - 22:54

"Lovely Rose" is an intriguing episodic that follows a mentally unstable and suppressed woman with a dark past, who ultimately fights for empowerment and freedom. We are currently casting actors for the pilot and 2nd episode which will be scheduled for production early next month (April 2017). This project is an excellent opportunity for actors to experiment and portray complexed characters, as well as to grow and work alongside people who are passionate about shaping the future of the industry.
Audition Dates:
- Fri, 17 March: 5pm - 8pm
- Sat, 18 March: 9am - 5pm
- Sun, 19 March: 9am - 5pm

Audition Location:
Film Production Campus
Vancouver Film School
142 Water Street, Vancouver
*Note: Vancouver Film School has multiple campuses. Make sure you use the address above.

Project Type:  TV Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Male Female Age:  all ages Role:  Actor City:  Vancouver

To book an audition, kindly email ([email protected]) and indicate your:
- Name
- Contact details
- Preferred audition date and time
- Character you're looking to audition for
- Headshots (If available)

For any enquiries please also do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Please find below the characters we are looking for:

*Rose (Late 20s - Early 30s) is a suppressed, timid and mentally unstable suburban housewife. In order to divert her pain and anguish of her troubled past, Rose channels her heart, mind, and soul into caring for plants - the one thing in her life she is able to exercise control over. She is nurturing and loving towards her plants, but her continuous obsession has distanced her from the world around her, including her own husband, leading her to live a relatively isolated and reclusive life.

*Violet (Late 20s - Early 30s) is a conniving, sly, and ruthless, splitting image of Rose. She embodies confidence, sophistication and assertion - everything Rose hopes to be. Violet is overprotective, often to the extent of jeopardizing moral and ethical codes of conduct. Her actions and thought processes are convoluted and twisted, rendering her unpredictable - sometimes even for herself.

(*Note: Rose and Violet are to be played by the same actress or by twins.)

Brian (Early 30s), Rose's husband, is a domineering yet empathetic and relatable middle class worker. He is passionate about pushing his own ideals in his home with his wife. He once had big ambitions, but has fallen trap to the conventions of the routine life. He has accepted the fact that he won't go on to chase his dreams as he is shackled to repairing his dysfunctional marriage. As he spends years pursuing the American dream, he has grown to realize it is not as ideal and as perfect as he thought it would be. He is envious of friends who have a normal life, and is increasingly frustrated as he cannot achieve the same in his own home.

Dan (Late 20s) is a self-deprecating, enthusiastic but socially awkward rookie park ranger. He wears his heart on his sleeves and is aware of his weird behavioral antics (i.e. jolly and strikes up conversations with strangers). He also enjoys poking fun at himself to become socially acceptable, and could not care less about what others think of him. He is fond and knowledgeable with nature, but can get carried away and become oblivious towards his surroundings as he is easily excited. He tries to project his happiness onto others, but can sometimes come across as invasive or awkward.

Mary, (late 50s) Rose's mother, is an invasive, narcissistic, and an extremely manipulative figure who, unlike her daughter, manages to live a much more opulent lifestyle. Mary comes off as the controlling type, but in a way that amplifies a perfectionist persona for herself - she always knows exactly what she wants, is entirely devoted to achieving whatever can fulfill her satisfaction towards something, and will willingly go further into extreme measures to fully ensure success. As a motherly figure, she mostly chooses to channel this domineering persona as a way to enforce her own beliefs and ideal thoughts of life to those close to her as much as possible.

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