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Male Dancer - Freestyle Dance - Sci-Fi Short Film

AGE: 20-30
DATE: June 16, 2018

I am looking for a male Dancer to be in a scene for a Sci-Fi short film I am shooting next weekend on June 16th. This person will be required for about 4 hours. Special effects makeup will consist of a prosthetic being applied over the Dancers eyes. - Must be okay with having limited vision for the duration of the takes.

I am looking for someone who can dance freely in their own way to a dance/house beat track repetitively. The scene requires this person to dance alone continuously for about a 1-2 minutes. The idea is that this person is in a club dancing freely, and not necessarily doing specific dance moves or putting on a show.

I am looking for a professional dancer as I want the dancing to look good and confident, while not being choreographed. This scene will mostly be filming this character from the back and side.

Project Type:  Short Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $150.00/day Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Male Age:  21 - 24 Role:  Dancer City:  Toronto ON

Please submit info directly to:
Email: [email protected]

Send any previous videos or demos that we can look at that would appropriately show you would be fit for this role. Alternatively show us some freestyle dancing to a dance song of your choice.

Project Details

Company:  Parallel Short Film
Deadline: EXPIRED (797 days ago)

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