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Manuela (11-12 year old Mexican girl - spanish speaking)

Manuela is a bright eleven-year-old girl transitioning from childhood to adolescence. She has a strong personality but yet a wounded heart. One year after her mother’s death, Manuela filled with grief looses her faith for the Mexican tradition Dia de Muertos. Before her mother’s death, she was friendly, adventurous and full of life always wanting to go out and explore every corner of the city of San Miguel with her friends. She has an obsessive love for collecting bird feathers. Her obsession began from her Grandmother’s adoration for parrots and other birds. While growing up without a father she was raised by her single mother Silvia who taught her to be self-dependent and to know her self-worth. Manuela shared an intensive friendship with her mother, one so big that even though she had friends, her mom was her best friend. Now after her mother’s death Manuela has shifted to become lonelier and apathetic. She doesn’t spend time with friends anymore and her attitude has become more defensive. Although everything about her and who she was before her mother’s death is not yet completely forgotten.

Project Type:  Short Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $0.00/day Ethnicity:  Latino / Hispanic
Sex:  Female Age:  11 - 15 Role:  Actor City:  Vancouver area

Project Details

Project Title:  La Catrina
Short Synopsis:  On dia-de-muertos, in the colourful city of San Miguel, an eleven-year old girl, Manuela, stays indoors to avoid all the celebrations and revelry on a night that honours the dead in all of Mexico. Still coping with the grief of her mother’s untimely death, Manuela refuses to participate in the building of altars that worship the dead, expressing the futility of the occasion as it won’t bring back the mother she lost. As Pilar, her grandmother, returns home from the carnival, to find a defeated and annoyed Manuela, she tries to console the little girl with a paper doll of La Catrina, an iconic character in Mexican culture. When Pilar retires for the night, an eerie feeling takes over the house as Manuela stands over the humble altar of her mother. Soon, the floor is covered with Marigold flowers. Standing tall and mighty in the living room in front of Manuela is La Catrina. As the night passes, Manuela opens up and speaks of fond memories with her mother. As a parting gift, La Catrina hands Sylvia’s dragonfly necklace to Manuela as a keepsake, reigniting her faith on the special day that went by because it’s love and love only that keeps the dead alive in our hearts, forever.
Producer:  Ritesh Matlani
Director:  Javier Porragas
Casting Director:  Erika Lopez
Deadline: EXPIRED (1495 days ago)

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