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Mexican Grandmother (Spanish speaking)

Pilar is Manuela’s Grandmother, she is caring and wise. Pilar has been taking care of Manuela since the death of her only daughter and Manuela’s mother Silvia. Pilar is a local of the city of San Miguel where she is very well known by the other locals for having a young soul. She loves to get involved and help in all the different events and activities that happen in town. She has a peculiar love/hate for parrots, she finds them beautiful and smart yet she wouldn’t dare getting near one, she likes to watch them from a distance. Pilar has learned a thing or two through the years and when she knows she’s right about
something, she enjoys warning you about it with the use of proverbs, which she does a lot. Pilar is very well known for her magnificent ability in the kitchen, she has quite a talent for traditional Mexican cuisine. There is nobody in town that can get to her level and she knows it but she likes to keep humble.
Despite being a very cheerful and outgoing woman, the loss of her only daughter brings her great mourning and misery but she keeps that to herself because she loves her granddaughter and she has to be strong for her. She always puts others before herself.

Project Type:  Short Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $0.00/day Ethnicity:  Latino / Hispanic
Sex:  Female Age:  50 - 60 Role:  Actor City:  Vancouver area

Project Details

Project Title:  La Catrina
Short Synopsis:  On dia-de-muertos, in the colourful city of San Miguel, an eleven-year old girl, Manuela, stays indoors to avoid all the celebrations and revelry on a night that honours the dead in all of Mexico. Still coping with the grief of her mother’s untimely death, Manuela refuses to participate in the building of altars that worship the dead, expressing the futility of the occasion as it won’t bring back the mother she lost. As Pilar, her grandmother, returns home from the carnival, to find a defeated and annoyed Manuela, she tries to console the little girl with a paper doll of La Catrina, an iconic character in Mexican culture. When Pilar retires for the night, an eerie feeling takes over the house as Manuela stands over the humble altar of her mother. Soon, the floor is covered with Marigold flowers. Standing tall and mighty in the living room in front of Manuela is La Catrina. As the night passes, Manuela opens up and speaks of fond memories with her mother. As a parting gift, La Catrina hands Sylvia’s dragonfly necklace to Manuela as a keepsake, reigniting her faith on the special day that went by because it’s love and love only that keeps the dead alive in our hearts, forever.
Producer:  Ritesh Matlani
Director:  Javier Porragas
Casting Director:  Erika Lopez
Company:  Independent Short
Deadline: EXPIRED (1459 days ago)

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