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Mike & Lil Casting Call

124 days ago

We're a student short film called Mike & Lil looking to cast the title leads, Mike and Lilian. Auditions will be on Sunday June 18th. The story is about a middle-aged couple, Mike and Lil, who's love begins to deteriorate after Lil is diagnosed with dementia. Mike struggles to keep up with her worsening condition and finds solace in fantasy. Since we are a student film budgets are tight and we can't pay you but catering and crafty will be included and of course your credit. Thanks for your time and I look forward to meeting you.


Mike: Growing up in Canada, Mike has been a typical man that has built his life around his wife and consistencies they have had through their years. Upon the worsening of his wife's dementia Mike becomes more depressed as he is unable to control the change that is happening in his life. Overall Mike is a person who tries to finds simple things in life to cling on to.

Lilian: Moving to Canada when she was a teen, Lilian led a life of working for her family to make ends meet until she met Mike. Mike and Lil got married quickly and started building a life together. Lilian became a stay at home wife in hopes to become a stay at home mom which never happened. Lilian is diagnosed with early on-set dementia and tries to cope with her failing memory as her condition worsens.

Cities for Response: Vancouver
Union: Non-Union or Union
Release: Film Festivals / Online Distribution
Script Availability: Email
Shooting Days: July 3rd and 4th
Contact: [email protected]
Production Company: Vancouver Film School
Pay: Catering and Credit

Project Type: 
41 - 45
Please contact me if you're interested in working on the project. If you are unable to make the auction date please send a self-tape. Also for the role of Lilian we require the actress be able to speak another language besides english.

Project Details

Name / Company: 
Coenraad Been

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