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Moonboy Short Film (numerous roles for all ages!!)

Additional roles not listed:

- Kirin Hussain (18) is an Indian fratboy-type who could be top of his class if he tried. Kirin avoids home to escape his family’s expectations and often gages his relationships by the amount of laughter expended, childhood best friends with Aidan as a result. Girl-crazy, yes. The top supplier of weed at his high school, allegedly.

- Ms. Lin (40) is a Korean high school principal and former mediator. Though seemingly strict, Ms. Lin is a compassionate woman who disciplines her students out of concern for their future. A single mother of two, Ms. Lin is an efficient multitasker, very involved with both students and her own children.

- Grace Lee (45) is a liberal Chinese mother, and elementary school teacher. Having grown up first generation with absent parents, she learnt to take care of her siblings at a young age. Having grown up so quickly, she denied herself many joys in life and vows to give her kids the childhood she never got to have.

- Young Aidan (8) is a goofy Chinese kid who radiates charisma. As the youngest sibling, Aidan is always craving attention from others and is usually up to something mischievous as result. Though more odd and energetic than most kids their age, their confidence in themselves is what magnetizes many people to them.

- Young Amy (14) is an optimistic Chinese middle schooler, with an eager curiosity for the sciences. Extremely articulate for her age, Amy is able to easily connect with adults and is best friends with her mum as a result. Though typically reserved, she occasionally lets loose in the presence of her youngest sibling. As the oldest, Amy strives to be the best role model for Aidan and is always looking out for her loved ones.

*Please note for the following roles:*
Aidan Lee: dance experience is preferred
Mama Lee: needs to speak some Cantonese

Project Type:  Short Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $100.00/day Ethnicity:  Asian
Sex:  Male Female Age:  all ages Role:  Actor City:  Vancouver BC

Please e-mail headshot, resume, & reel to: [email protected]

Project Details

Short Synopsis:  Following the tragedy of losing their mother to cancer, class clown Aidan Lee is forced to navigate a world without her in it. Unable to identify with their traditional Chinese father and goofy high school friends, Aidan dresses up in their mother’s drag in hopes of reconnecting.
Producer:  Jenny-Lee Gilmore
Director:  Rachel Kwan
Casting Director:  Brooke Fusick
Deadline: EXPIRED (84 days ago)

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