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Multiple paid roles for short film with a commercial purpose

Multiple roles available for a specific upcoming productions and dozens more for other productions being done by a respectful and high quality studio.

---Roles Available:---

** Father: appearing to be aged late 30's, every-day typical Dad with a good job like a manager, level-headed, a solid guy but friendly rather than overbearing.
** Mother: appearing to be aged mid or late 30's, every-day typical Mom, choice of exercise is Yoga, easy going but decisive.
** Son: appearing to be high school age, headphones around neck, geeky, cynical, sarcastic, delivers punchy statements.
** Daughter: appearing to be around 13 years old, innocent and vulnerable but smart for her age, glued to cell phone.
** Business Woman: appearing to be late 20's, a corporate spokeswoman delivering official public relations statements, but clearly insincere and hiding something.
** Goblin: 3D generated character, very expressive facial acting, will be motion captured for the facial expressions.
** Other Roles: please note that we have many dozens of other parts coming up in other projects, we welcome all actors or performers to get on our list for the other roles.
** Ethnic Groups: We will be filming multiple versions of this story with different ethnicities. At a minimum, one family will be Caucasian with neutral American accents, one Hispanic with Hispanic-American accents, and there is a good chance we will end up with additional versions. We encourage all ethnic groups to apply.


** This is a 90 second short story with a commercial purpose, written and produced directly by Pleasant Studios.
** The project is partly live action and partly a 3D computer generated environment.
** All parts, except the goblin, have spoken lines.


** All roles are paid. Reasonable travel costs would be covered.
** Filming will be in Edmonton, and consisting of 1 day in October or November 2019.
** Auditions will be held both via video-conference and live in Edmonton in October 2019.

---About The Work Environment And Auditions:---

** Friendly, non-threatening, and non-political environment.
** We are a great environment for both outgoing people and those who are very shy and introverted (so long as it fits the part).
** Auditions are done efficiently, performers can expect very short wait times at auditions, aiming for less than 15 minutes.
** Seating available before audition, no standing line-ups.
** Typically auditions will be done in front of a green-screen with cameras running.
** Our productions are typically scripted by our own full-time professional writers and video edited by our own full-time, professional editors.
** Many productions are in the studio and green-screen, but some shoots will be on-location.

---Overview of Future Casting Opportunities:---

** Productions include many commercials for technology products, short films, multi-episode series, photo advertisements, and possibly a rare feature-length film. Currently all parts are on-camera.
** Respectful with zero nudity for all productions, and our scripts even avoid over-sexualized subject matter.
** Legitimate and paid: we know there are a lot of scams out there. These are legitimate performances: you get paid quickly, we don't request any money from you, and our studio is in a safe location.
** We are directly the production company, we are not agents and the intent is to hire for our own productions (although at times we may do referrals within the industry from our list)
** Award-winning productions are the aim, written by our multiple full-time studio writers and editing by our large full-time post-production team.
** Many productions will involved visual effects and some even involve full 3d animations with motion capture acting.
** Occasional opportunities to work with famous actors.
** Filming will range from hours to many days.
** Full hair and make-up support.
** The production crew is incredibly friendly.
** Applying to this position gets you on to the master list for all our casting calls. You will then be emailed only the casting calls that are a reasonable fit for you.
** All ages, races, shapes.

---About The Company:---

** Pleasant Solutions is a dynamic company headquartered in Edmonton, a large satellite office in Toronto/Vancouver, and small satellite offices across Canada and the USA (including in Calgary, Ottawa, Saskatoon, New York, Denver, Boston, etc)
** We have been an enterprise software services company since 2007, and have just recently launched a studio for our own innovative video productions as well as client contracted productions.
** We may be the largest capacity video marketing studio in Western Canada except for television and news stations (we have not confirmed this, but it appears to be the case).
** We do a mix of in-house product development, software development services, electronics manufacturing, marketing services, and IT services.
** An innovative technology company with an aim of achieving results in creative ways.
** Socially conscious (for example, we pay for employees to sponsor hundreds of WorldVision children).

Project Type:  Commercial Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $1.00/day Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Male Female Age:  all ages Role:  Actor City:  Edmonton


** What do you have to lose by exploring the possibility? Applying does not take long.
** Apply online today at
** Even if you don't have your resume updated or ready to go, apply anyways, we want to hear from you!
** Please do not apply via email, apply only by visiting the site.


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Project Details

Short Synopsis:  ---Project:--- ** This is a 90 second short story with a commercial purpose, written and produced directly by Pleasant Studios. ** The project is partly live action and partly a 3D computer generated environment. ** All parts, except the goblin, have spoken lines.
Producer:  Pleasant Solutions
Director:  Pleasant Solutions
Casting Director:  Pleasant Solutions
Company:  Pleasant Solutions
Deadline: EXPIRED (208 days ago)

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