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Person who in real life has an epic story about a neighbor (at home or work), who is driving you nuts over small misunderstandings, or big disagreements, or all-out battles, or even comical recurring situations.
Person who knows someone with an epic neighbor story

Should be talkative, and be good at relating your story. If selected we may ask for your point of view and to appear in the episode.

Project Type:  TV Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $250.00/day Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Male Female Age:  all ages Role:  Actor City:  USA and Canada

Please send us a brief note about your neighbor-drama, or the neighbor story you're referring. Please include your contact information

Project Details

Short Synopsis:  This past year of quarantine has really helped everyone get to know their neighbors and all their habits, quirks and downright bizarre behaviors. This fantastic new concept will highlight the good, bad, and funny that comes with someone living or working close by; Are they too up in your business? Too anal about their property? Too many rules, expectations? Not enough consideration for you and the others in the area? Too noisy? Freak out about any noise or 'fun' you're having? Absolutely rude, obnoxious, or constantly snooping.or complaining...
Casting Director:  Marie Malyszek
Company:  DaM Legacy Entertainment
Deadline: EXPIRED (25 days ago)

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