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Ontroerend Goed. is Casting 12 Actors for Immersive Theatre Experience. PAID

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A Game Of You - an Interactive Theatre experience directed by multiple award winning Belgian group Ontroerend Goed. is casting 12 Actors.
Pay: $1,340 - $4,500
Date: June 13 - July 13 (pre-screening), July 15 - July 17 (auditions).
City: Vancouver
Casting director: Alexander Devriendt
Producer: Stas Manouvakhov
Company name: Ontroerend Goed (
Benefits to actors:

1. A one-of-a kind acting experience in your portfolio
2. Next level your acting skills in a one-on-one theater performance
3. Personal 1.5 week training by Award Winning cast from Belgium
4. Flexible schedule: 3 days on, 3 days off (~15 days/month)
5. Base pay plus profit sharing
6. Get your name exposed to media and news.

About A Game Of You:

A Game Of You is a one-on-one labyrinth of mirrors and projections. A single visitor is guided through rooms and corridors, where he meets both real and virtual people who gradually create character out of him or her, based on the projections of others as well as their own. It's about the subjectivity of self image and how the world is a projection of our own experience.

"A Game of You walks you inside an infinity triangle. Everywhere you look there's an image of yourself reflected back." -- Caroussel of Fantasies

Through a journey along several cabins, visitor becomes his own avatar in some sort of theatrical computer game in which this mostly secret compartment - the space between your external mirror image and your inner self-image - functions as performance space. It turns 'A Game of You' into a game of mirroring and being mirrored. Visitor only realise how ingenious the construction of the performance is when, at the end, it becomes clear that this show is in fact exclusively made by the visitor as a participating audience.

"WOW!!! ...a performing art at its finest...while still providing real entertainment." -- Adelaide Theatre Guide, Australia

A Game Of You provides closure for what one critic called "a trilogy of self-knowledge" by raising the essential question: who am I?

More about A Game Of You:
- About:
- Trailer:
- Project page:


1. A must: completion of a theatre school or similar
2. A must: acting experience
3. A must: above average on empathy
4. Open to alternative theatre
5. Open to one-to-one performance format
6. Having writing skills is a bonus.

Please note that we will be providing required training, so don't worry if you have no experience in one-to-one performance format.


Part time, 15 days/month (3 days on, 3 days off): $1,340 - $4,500


- Pre-screening: June 12 - July 13
- Auditions: July 15 - 17
- Training: July 18 - 27
- Premiere: July 28
- Run dates: July 28 - mid December.
Worldwide success:

The play has been a hit in 50 cities and 17 countries around the world. Some examples of countries where A Game Of You has performed: Canada, Singapore, UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland, Russia, Italy, Australia and others.

"This is a game in which the rules are bent and that only become apparent as you play...the best advice I can give is: be yourself, and don't pick your nose." -- The Guardian

"When you leave the place, you want to go back..." -- Journal de Quebec

"What shall one do behind the red curtains? Be yourself. Try it." -- GQ

Project Type:  Theatre Status:  Non-Union Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Male Female Age:  all ages Role:  Actor City:  Vancouver

Please submit to: [email protected] by July 15


- Pre-screening: June 12 - July 13
- Auditions: July 15 - 17
- Training: July 18 - 27
- Premiere: July 28
- Run dates: July 28 - mid December.

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Project Details

Company:  Ontroerend Goed.
Deadline: EXPIRED (400 days ago)

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