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Out there

105 days ago

Out There is a short drama that features Amy a twenty eight years old writer, content wife of Alex, and a loving mother of an adorable girl, Elisa.

Amy has a very fusional relationship with her daughter, Elisa. Yet this relationship is slowly eating her up. She keeps buying to her daughter beautiful clothes and spends all her night by her daughter's sides. One evening, after a hard day of work, Amy goes back home with a brand new dress for Elisa. So impatient to give this special gift to her daughter and to spend the evening with her family, Amy is expecting a soft and calm night... Until her husband Alex discovers the terrible secret she is hiding.

Detailed plot

Out there is a short Drama ( with a tiny bit of surrealism) that asks: what does it feel to loose something or someone you weren't ready to let go of.
Here is a detailed plot of the story :

Amy and Alex were an happy couple who lost their 3years old daughter Elisa in a terrible accident few years ago.
While after two years Alex feels ready to move on, Amy is absolutely convinced that her daughter is still here, living with them. She therefore, in secret of Alex, goes to Elisa's room every nights so as to play and laugh with her daughter. One night, just like every other nights, Amy goes to Elisa's bedroom and goes on with her usual routine. Yet, Amy doesn't realize that on this particular night, Alex has also woken up thus discovering Amy's secret.

let me know if you want more information or read the script, I ll be very happy to send it to you.

Project Type: 
all ages
Hi I am looking for 3 actors Amy ; A woman between 24 years old and 36 years old ( must look like a 27 to 33 years old woman) Elisa ; A girl between 3 and 7 years old ( must look like a 4 to 6 years old kid) Alex ; A Man between 25 to 37 years old The audition will be held on the 10 th and 11th of February. If you can make it those days, let me know and I ll fit you in somewhere else.

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