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Peyote Road

Submitted by Guest on Tue, 10/31/2017 - 15:15

***Seeking talent for Native American Documentary reenactments***

-Peter: tall white man mid 30's dark hair, fit
-Bobbie Stone: Female average height weight dark longish dark hair. Part Cherokee. Mid 40's
-Elrod: Comanche, average height and build mid 30's
-One crazed middle-aged man
-Young Native woman extras

Project Type:  Feature Status:  Non-Union Ethnicity:  Native American
Sex:  Male Female Age:  all ages Role:  Actor City:  Dallas

Please submit the following to:
[email protected] with “Peyote Road” in the subject line.
- Head Shot
- Resume
- Demo Reel (if possible)
- Contact information

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Project Details

Project Title:  Peyote Road
Short Synopsis:  Peyote Road is an exploration of the historical origins, cultural significance, and reverent spiritual tradition of Peyote People in the Native American Church as practiced from its beginnings to the present day. The Native American is regularly portrayed as a troubled and troubling member of society. Most all reports in the media whether news, documentary or otherwise are negative in nature: Poverty on the Reservation, alcoholism, drug abuse, felonious crime child kidnapping, and stolen mineral rights. The positives that do exist are child like in nature derived from grammar school lessons. Most Americans cannot grasp the true nature of both the mortal and cultural genocide perpetrated upon the American Indian of the past two centuries, and if they do, often wish the past would just go away, save for those symbols celebrated in popular culture: Pocahontas saving John Smith, and the first Thanksgiving. The image of Pilgrims and Indians sharing a meal is one of the most cogent images we have of American Indians and of the colonization of this continent. Only one is a bigger falsity than the other. Peyote Road will examine how and why! The story of Peyote use as a Holy Sacrament as presented in the documentary film Peyote Road, reveals a far different reality. Bringing to light the Native American from a position of power wisdom brotherly love and spiritual healing; all positive in nature and very real. By immersing itself in the untold stories of these tribes, this documentary strives to single handedly put a new face on the entire community of the Native American.
Director:  Peter Bove
Company:  Peyote Road
Deadline: EXPIRED (692 days ago)

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