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Production Title: Before Grace

Production Title: Before Grace
Production Type: Independent
Project Length: Short Film ( 30 minutes)
Production Location: Toronto
Directed By: S.Jeysan
Produced By: The Elephant in the Reel Inc.
Union/non-union: Non-union
Compensation: Yes
While his family awaits his arrival for a new year's day brunch. Carter Drakes finds himself in handcuffs for a crime he never committed. Will a good deed go unpunished?

Carter Drakes
[Gender: Male] [Age: 19-25]
Afro Caribbean, Black, Athletic build, average height, looks like 23 years old
On new year’s day, Carter Drakes, a young black man goes out of his way to help out a stranger, but ends up being charged for a crime he did not commit. He is now faced with proving his innocence and getting back safely to his family
Carter was raised by his single mom and grandmother after the sudden death of his father when he was 13 years old. Losing his father was very difficult, leaving him with an emptiness and no male role model.

[Gender: Male] [Age: 21-26]
Afro Caribbean, Black, Build, average height, looks like 25 years old
Marcus is a young black man, stranded on a side of a street on a cold winter day in Toronto. He comes off as an innocent bystander, grateful to Carter until he is identified as a wanted suspect by the local police.

East Asian, Phillipino, Athletic build, average height, looks like 40 years old
[Gender: Male] [Age: 40-50]
A first generation, Asian Canadian police officer caught in a police chase with two black males in a vehicle. While he convinces himself, it was for a traffic stop, he questions his own motivations and beliefs during the ongoing investigation

Phill Williams
[Gender: Male] [Age: 40-50]
Afro Caribbean, Black, Dad body, average height, facial hair, looks like 45 years old
Philip Williams, an Afro Guyanese, father of 2 was the only man attending brunch at the Drakes residence. What was a friendly conversation turns into a dispute revealing the trauma Phil faces being a black man in today society

Lauretta Drakes
[Gender: Female] [Age: 40-50]
Afro Caribbean, Black, average height, looks like 47 years old
Lauretta Drakes, an Afro Guyanese, mother of 2, was hosting New Years brunch for her family. Things go downhill when the long absence of her son stirs the worst fears within her. She questions whether she taught her kids the skills to survive against the prejudices that face them in the real world.

Kerri Williams
[Gender: Female] [Age: 40-50]
Afro Caribbean, Black, average height, looks like 42 years old
Kerri is the kind, optimistic aunt that comes over for family brunch on new year’s day to the Drakes’ residence.

Ashly Williams
[Gender: Female] [Age: 18-20]
Afro Caribbean, Black, average height, looks like 20 years old
Ashly is in her first year of university, breaking out of her adolescence into young adult.

Kevin Williams
[Gender: Male] [Age: 10-13]
Afro Caribbean, Black, looks like 12 years old
The younger cousin visiting the Drakes’ residence for new years brunch

Andre Drakes
[Gender: Male] [Age: 9-11]
Afro Caribbean, Black, looks like 10 years old
Andre, is the younger brother of Carter, the lead role. He is always getting into trouble with his brother. Andre has always looked up to his big brother.

Project Type:  Short Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $100.00/day Ethnicity:  Black / African descent
Sex:  Male Female Age:  all ages Role:  Actor City:  Toronto

BY APRIL, 10, 2021

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