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Queen's University Student Film

Looking for actors last minute to execute a short film this weekend.
As a student I can't pay but I can promise to feed you.
Male protagonist age 20-22
Female Waitress, any age will do
Female (No dialogue) to be a victim of a robbery scene, any age will do

Project Type:  Short Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $0.00/day Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Male Female Age:  all ages Role:  Actor City:  Kingston

Just reach out to me either here or through my email [email protected]. Anyone that has experience and is willing to take up the challenge will be accepted.

Project Details

Short Synopsis:  Synopsis Will is a 21-year-old that comes from a religious family. Their religious states that only 144 can get into heaven and they also have the ability to see a timer over someone’s head which signifies when they’re going to die but not how. They also hold firm to the belief that they should never interfere with someone’s death as it’s an act of blasphemy. Thus, will always carries a cross and a paper that on one side, has a list of names of the people he believes will get to heaven, and on the other side is a sinner’s redemption prayer that may save his soul. Will visits a diner often where he sits and ponders on his chances to get to heaven but rarely orders from them. The waitress decides to talk to him about order and the list he often makes. He remains unresponsive and never makes eye contact until he’s called out for it. Will looks from above her head intro her eyes with a blank expression as he’s able to see her timer and knows that she doesn’t have long to go. As their conversation ends, he grabs his things and heads out in a hurry before the waitress’ timer hits zero. As he walks through the city and ambulance is heard in the back and he assumes it’s heading to the diner for the waitress. He loses track of time thinking about how things could have gone differently, and his father calls him reminding him to get home so they can get to church on time but just then his phone dies. Realizes the little time he has; he decides to go throw an alley and encounters a situation with two men robbing a young woman. He is able to see her timer and knows she doesn’t die here, and he tries to exit unnoticed only to trip and draw their attention to him. One thief goes to Will and points his gun at him. Realizes in his reflection of water that he can’t see his timer; he calms down and at the same time the woman escapes. Will makes a run for It as the thief threatening him turns around only for Will to get away and the woman’s timer to glitch as she’s shot by the thief with the gun. Will runs for his life and stops to catch his breath only to realize that he should contact the police. With no life in his phone, he goes by a nearby phone booth and calls the police. Here, he notices his reflection and sees a timer over his head which causes him to hang up the phone on the police and panic. He calls his father’s phone which goes straight to voicemail leading him to pull out his paper and chain and recite the sinner’s redemption prayer. As he recites it, noises around him cause him to panic even more until he’s finished, and his timer reaches 0 and he closes his eye accepting his fate and is pulled out of the phone booth as an electric short almost kills him. Outside the booth, he pants trying to catch his breath and the sound of a gun being cocked is heard. As he looks up, he sees the thief from the alley pointing a gun at him with her time showing --:--:-- and Will timer showing the same.
Producer:  Kirk Garner
Director:  Kirk Garner
Casting Director:  Kirk Garner
Company:  Kirk Garner - Exchange Student at Queens
Deadline: EXPIRED (60 days ago)

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