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Radical Honesty - Feature Film

Radical Honesty is an indie feature film by the writer/director of The Layover (2016), which won the Best Feature award at the Toronto Indie Film Fest 2016. He is also currently premiering his new short film Blue Collar Buddha (2017) at the Toronto Short Film Fest 2017.


Radical Honesty is the story an actor named Jacob whose prolific acting coach tells him that to get to the next level, he needs to exude an “aura of truth”. His therapist recommends he start practicing radical honesty, saying what he thinks and feels at all times, regardless of the consequences. Jacob follows their suggestions, sending his life and relationships into a tailspin.

Project Type:  TV Status:  Non-Union Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Male Female Age:  all ages Role:  Actor City:  Toronto

The shoot days will be on weekends throughout July 2017
Unpaid/non-union but food and copy of the film (for demo-reels) will be provided
Auditions to be held last week of March, locations TBD

We are casting quite a few roles for the film, so we encourage actors to audition for multiple roles. If so, please indicate in the response or email.
Demo reels are encouraged, but by no means necessary.

Cassie (23-35)
Jacob's long time girlfriend who is in her own world and doesn't take Jacob too seriously anymore.

Anthony (29-45 years old)
A slightly older publicist with a chip on his shoulder who takes Jacob under his wing, teaching him questionable lessons and operating outside of professional norms.

Iris (23-35 years old)
A young female therapist who tries to keep to herself and maintain a professional distance with Jacob, but frequently finds herself mired in more personal conversations with him than she expects.

Kendall (19-29 years old)
An acting classmate of Jacob’s, Kendall is a social justice-minded young woman who comes across earnestly, and feels no qualms about asserting her opinion and territory when push comes to shove.

Jason (21-35 years old)
Jacob’s other advanced acting classmate, Jason is a young black male who tries to focus on the class and gain as much as he can from the lessons, but gets drawn into debate over the nature of being a minority in the entertainment industry.

Interloper (23-40 years old)
The interloper is a strong, imposing man who finds himself in a standoff with Jacob, a battle of wits he cannot win; so he decides to change the weapon.

Sierra (19-29 years old)
Sierra is a young woman who Jacob meets spontaneously, smitten by his honesty, and finds herself involved with him quicker than she expected.

Sandra (28-45 years old)
An experienced casting director who has a reputation for being ruthless and cold, although can be fair and patient when the moment calls for it.

Brenna (18-29 years old)
Brenna is the first of two white, blonde actresses coming out of an audition to get swept up in a game that Anthony plays in order to teach Jacob a “lesson.”

Ally (18-29 years old)
Ally is the second of two white, blonde actresses coming out of an audition to get swept up in Anthony’s game, and although more skeptical than the first, ultimately gives them the benefit of the doubt.

Johnson (19-30 years old)
Johnson is a comically paper-thin white thug that Jacob comes across.

David (25-45 years old)
David is a gay man who is confused by Jacob’s complimentary nature.

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