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Roling Reed and Sheryl Caroline

-Roling Reed, a young boy who loves joking, making memes and he has a strange obsession with otters. He can also be very meticulous and obeservant.

-Sheryl Caroline, a young girl with unnatural dyed hair (possibly purple, pink or blue) who loves street art, graphics and music. She is very nice and friendly, but she can also be revengeful

Project Type:  Internet Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $0.00/day Ethnicity:  White / Caucasian
Sex:  Male Female Age:  16 - 20 Role:  Actor City:  Everywhere

Headset and entire photo. Fluent english.

Project Details

Short Synopsis:  A story based on a group of teen hackers, full of comedy but also drama.
Company:  Zero Project
Deadline: EXPIRED (8 days ago)

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