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Scars Open Casting Call - Violet

Submitted by [email protected] on Tue, 03/21/2017 - 17:40

She is in her early twenties and bases her entire identity and purpose of existence around her family, particularly her siblings whom she believes needs her to protect them from their abusive father. Because of her past, she is wiser beyond her years in some aspects of life, while completely stunted in others. Violet falls at the end of the asexual spectrum; she finds both her own body and the bodies of others frightening and somewhat gross. She lacks the knowledge to fully understand her own orientation and why she feels this way.

Project Type:  Internet Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $0.00/ day Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Female Age:  21 - 24 Role:  Actor City:  Toronto

Reply to this notice or send an email directly to [email protected]. You will be sent sides for this character and can submit a video audition. If a video audition is not possible, we can arrange an in person audition.

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Project Details

Project Title:  Scars
Short Synopsis:  Scars is a dramatic series that focuses on the intertwining lives of four friends and their struggling journeys as they each try to sort out their intersectional identities, and try to overcome difficult obstacles in their lives. Scars honestly examines the relationships we have with each other, and with ourselves, as well as what those connections mean, and what happens when they break – leaving us fragmented.
Producer:  Rain Essery
Company:  Primal Screens Media
Deadline: EXPIRED (757 days ago)

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