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Seeking Warm Motherly Character

Title: Flashlight

Shooting Dates: August 20th - 22nd 2021

Job Type: Volunteer, food, travel and footage provided

LOGLINE: When creating a fairytale world with her best friend, a bubbly young girl learns to come to terms with losing her first friendship.

MARY (Supporting character), Gender: Female, Age: 30 - 50
Mary is Sydney’s 38 year-old mother. She is patient, warm and nurturing. She is soft spoken and loving although tasked with having to break the news to Sydney that she won't be able to see her best friend again.

Project Type:  Short Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $0.00/day Ethnicity:  Asian
Sex:  Female Age:  36 - 40 Role:  Actor City:  Toronto

Email a headshot, resume, and reel or applicable scene reading to [email protected] WITH subject line “FLASHLIGHT casting - Role, name". Calls back will be sent by the 15th end of day.

Project Details

Short Synopsis:  Sydney and her best friend Maddie play in a pretend castle built out of a massive blanket fort built in Sydney’s room. They dub themselves queens of the land. Mary enters the room to let Maddie know her mom is here. Maddie and her mom go home and live right across the street, it has a sold sign on the front lawn. Maddie and Sydney spend the rest of the night communicating with flashlight flickers into each others bedroom windows. Maddie talks to Sydney next about how big their next house will be and Maddie thinks it’s so cool but is soon disappointed when her mom tells her it’s too far to visit often. Maddie moves away, the fort is cleaned up and no one is in Maddie’s room to shine the light back. Mary reminds her that it’s only a “see ya later”, not goodbye.
Producer:  Lina Li
Director:  Hayden Salter
Company:  Hayden Salter
Deadline: EXPIRED (42 days ago)

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