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A Single Bound Short Film

A silent short film about bullied child, struggling with self-doubt, taking matters into his own hands after adopting the ideals and morals of a superhero.


CALVIN: Male | Age: 9-13 (must look the part of eleven year old) | Any Ethnicity | LEAD
Calvin is a kind and thoughtful kid. He believes in fighting injustice, but doesn’t know how to. He loves to draw heroic figures, insecure and doubts himself and his abilities. He’s unsure of himself, but there is a heroic strength inside him that he has yet to unlock. He looks to his parents as his greatest heroes, seeing the amazing things they do for him and the world around him as something to aspire towards.

GEEKY KID: Male | Age 8-12 (must look the part of a ten-year old) | Any Ethnicity | SUPPORTING
This boy is short, wears glasses, and is bullied in school. He’s afraid of his bullies and doesn’t know how to stand up to them. He wishes they would leave him alone, and that someone would come and help him stop them.

BULLIES [2 ROLES AVAILABLE]: Male | Age: 11-14 (must look the part of a thirteen-year old) | Any Ethnicity | SUPPORTING
These guys are mean for the sake of it. They push kids around to make them feel better about themselves because they aren’t happy with their own lives. They are large for their age, they look mean, and seem like imposing figures to those younger than them.

Project Type:  Short Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $0.00/day Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Male Age:  11 - 15 Role:  Actor City:  Canada Ontario Toronto

Audition will be held on: Saturday, June 17th 2017
Location: Downtown Toronto (College/Ontario St)
Time: 11AM-3PM

Please provide one minute monologue, no sides for this audition.

Project Details

Project Title:  A Single Bound
Short Synopsis:  A Single Bound tells the story of Calvin, a creative young boy with a passion for drawing. Calvin loves drawing great heroic characters - the kind he sees in real life, and the comic book heroes who inspire him. But Calvin struggles with his own desire to make a difference. He sees bullies making the world a darker place, and he wants to make a difference. To do this, Calvin knows he'll have to take on the ideals of the characters he loves and become his own hero to make the world a safer place.
Producer:  Maesa Djenar
Director:  Ben Passmore
Deadline: EXPIRED (1805 days ago)

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